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60 fps codes
@Souzooka, thx for developing the code further, hopefully you'll improve the code. When you're done just post the updated code and I will change the link in the list to your post, and this way if you'll modify the code in the future, users will always access your code.

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Alright cool, I'll poke at this when I find I have free time.


Amount of testing: Little
Notes: Lots of logic, some movements still run at twice speed

Raw Danger! SLUS-21501 0x2905C5C6
60 fps
20700A3C 00000001 // FPS (frames to wait)
2048DC74 42700000 // Frames of Animation per second
203A9A40 3EAAAAAB // NPC Movement Scale
203A9A50 3EAAAAAB // Player Movement Scale
203AB014 3EAAAAAB // Player Heat Loss Multiplier (not sure if this affects NPC heats, e.g. for Stephanie)
203AA140 3EAAAAAB // Player Cart Movement Scale
2042E854 3EAAAAAB // Taxi Movement Scale (Handling/acceleration/braking, might be a bit buggy, doesn't affect max speeds, value needs a bit of tuning)

// 2043F128 3EAAAAAB // Taxi Steering Scale
// 203AA1E4 3EAAAAAB // NPC + Player Movement Scale (does not affect player's crawling speed)
Amount of testing: Little

Spawn: Armageddon SLUS-20707 0xB7E7D66F
60 fps
202EEEC8 00000001
(03-11-2017, 04:41 PM)asasega Wrote: @El_Patas, same as you I have a weak PC, that's why I use the internal movie recorder(recommended by nemesis2000). You press F12 to make a movie, and no matter what the emulated speed is, because pcsx2 dumps every generated frame, the final video will be fullspeed. So when you playback that video you can see the game at the real speed. This is the same as with MAME(the emulator), they have the same concept, dumping every frame, that's why even if your PC can emulate let's say some heavy arcade game at 12%, when you playback the video the game will be fullspeed.
Regarding real PS2 and 60fps codes, depends on the game and the location within the game. A theoretical example: maybe in Wipeout you can sustain 60fps in time trial when you're alone on the track, in spots of the track where the overall geometry is pretty light. But in single race with AI and weapons effects etc, the game probably can't keep up. 
Another thing that matters is that if the game is using frameskipping or not. If not, then every frame is outputted and when the game can't keep up everything will be very slow(like in slowdowns on old consoles Snes, Megadrive). If frameskipping is active then the frame will fall and the game becomes choppy.
As of now pcsx2 lacks an internal fps counter, so don't look for it. Let's hope in the future it will be implemented.

@Asasega, thank you, i recorded a movie with the game and your codes activated for the NTSC-U version of the Motorstorm game, and another movie without the codes,
and yes the movies are in full speed regardless of the emulated speed.
But i don't see visually difference between the two movies and there is not also any info in the movies for know if one is running at 60fps and the other not.
i don't understand how you can be sure about this recording the movies.

Apart from that i'm trying to port the codes from the game Sniper Elite NTSC-U and when i make the first break with 2019903C, do not
appears selected any instruction in the right panel, this is normal?

Best regards.
(03-12-2017, 11:35 PM)El_Patas Wrote: don't understand how you can be sure about this recording the movies.
he count unique frames
Note: my videos are not monetized, this is no advertising, it is exactly for thing like this to show how the code works.

@El_Patas,, this is a small video that I made, for me it looks smooth 60fps. As nemesis2000 said, try to playback the video frame by frame, and notice that with the 60fps codes, every frame is distinct.

As I mentioned in an earlier answer post to you, some codes are, as you called them memory hacks and asm hacks. The sniper elite code is a asm hack, we nop the instructions at the two addresses. So you have make a pattern for the two addresses, so that you'll find the two addresses in the pal elf.

Edit: @El_Patas, the motorsport code was edited since I posted it the first time, maybe you're using the old code, that's why you didn't see difference between the two videos
Amount of testing: Little

Trigger Man SLUS-20931 0x8EE3D234
60 fps
20115F80 00000000
201FC95C 00000000
201FC978 00000000
Amount of testing: Little

NARC SLUS-20730 0x51FDE3AC
60 fps
2010774C 00000000
20314A98 24030001
20314AAC 24020001
Amount of testing: Little

The Shield: The Game SLUS-21040 0x539EAE1A
60 fps
2036961C 00000001
MotorStorm: Arctic Edge PCSX2 EE Cyclerate 0 vs EE Cyclerate 2 vs EE Cyclerate 0 + 60FPS Code vs EE Cyclerate 2 + 60FPS Code

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