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I recently started a PS2 game again (of course via PCSX2) and I like to use the Turbo (Tab) function for the fights. I remember using Async Mix for the BGM/sound to not be sped up. That doesn't seem to work anymore, am I forgetting an additional setting or...?

I'm using pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2763 on Win 10 x64, the hardware easily does 120fps.
3960X @ 6 x 4,3GHz | 32GB DDR3 | GTX 980 | Win 10 x64

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It might be a faulty setting. When I play all of the Gran Turismo games I have, I like to speed up the emulation with Turbo or Max mode on occasions. For this, I also use Async Mix over TimeStretch. In a race, when I speed up program, the BGM becomes out of sync with the game's speed. Because of this, I can confirm that it works on my end.
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