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BlackScreen then error problems!
nothing still works! T.T
i download the new pcsx2 and the plugins its still the same

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What errors do you get? What settings? Any kinfd of errors in the console log window?
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uhm settings? sorry very noob!
about the errors uhm first error i see is that system.cnf is not found then rom 1, 2 and 3 are not found dont know why then it opens the logo of the ps2 then blackscreen then it will say that it has found a problem and will now close the program it will make you choose if send or dont send there i dont what else is the problem oh and also ssse3 and sse4.1 is not deteccted., please help! T.T
None of those 'errors' are errors. Your CPU doesn't support SSSE3 or SSE4.1 which isn't a problem.

As long as your drivers and DX are up to date the program should run... I would ask if your CPU or something was overclocked and may thus be unstable, but you definitely don't seem to be the type Wink
The only error there is the missing System.cnf (forget the rom messages, they are mementos of very early BIOS which don't exist anymore, hence the message stating not being an error).

Still the first says the emulator is not finding the game, better saying, it is not reading a "correct" image or physical disk.

That may be due to some mistakes, like:

1 - mounting the image on a plugin and Selecting "Iso" instead "Plugin" under the CDVD menu.
Solution - select "Plugin" in that little box, of course.

2 - Selecting the image from the "Iso Selector" -> "Browse" ... and having "Plugin" instead "Iso" selected in those little box.
Solution - Select "Iso" instead "Plugin"

3 - The ISO is just corrupted
Solution: Create a new one, use Imageburn to do it.

To better understand: PCSX2 has a native ISO reader; meaning neither the cdvd plugin is needed nor used, when "Iso" is selected. The image is looked under what is selected by the "Iso Selector" and from there "Browse"
@devs - changing the caption to something like "Internal ISO reader" can help reducing the confusion

When "Plugin" is marked, the plugin is indeed used and the selection is done in it (Iso Linuz CDVD) or actual physical/virtual driver is mounted and pointed by the plugin (GigaHerz).
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Im betting the onboard GMA doesnt support pixel shaders 3.
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That is the GMA 3000 Accelerator.

To quote wiki

It has pixel and vertex shaders which only support Shader Model 2.0b features, and the vertex shaders are still only software-emulated.
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