Bleach - Ulquiorra only Lag.
Hello, everyone.

Im having problems at the game "Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd" (japanese version).
The game works perfectly, but the character Ulquiorra makes the entire game lag when he uses the move "Triangle + Direction". It should take about 2 secs for the animation to finish, but instead it takes 5 and even the sound gets glitched in the duration.
I was wondering if you guys could test if it also happens on your computers or if you have any tips for me.

Additional Info:

*Im using the PCSX2 config from the tutorial video in the main page with 2 differences:
- 6x Native
- My computer wont show the AVX option (at the GS config) I can only choose SSE4,SSE3 or SSE2. Im using the SSE4.

*Dragonball z tenkaishi 3 and Naruto ultimate ninja 5 work perfectly.


ATI Radeon HD 6900
12Gb Ram
Intel I7 950 3.07GHz
Windows 7 Ult. 64bits

PS: I will enjoy the space here to ask something else.
The 6x Native helps with the pixelation quite a lot. Is there something else I can do about the pixelation itself? Maybe raising it even more by choosing a Custom one?
Is there something I can do about the brightness in the games? The screen turns quite darker while using PCSx2.

I'm sorry about my English. Thank you in advance for ANY help.
PCSx2 is an amazing program. Being able to remember my old times of ps2 is quite nostalgic.

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There is similar known problem with FFX and fire\demi spells...probably the same problem is triggered in that game too.
Thank you very much, vsub. Its good to know that there are similar issues on other game(s).
Maybe ill try to low down the config. or something similar.
I played BBB2 a while back and had the problem as well. It's just something that hasn't been fixed yet.
It's not a bug/problem nor anything needing a fix;p, x6 internal res is way too much for any currently existing gpu to keep full fps in each game through all time. You can easily speedup whole BBB2 using older gsdx couse new texture cache slowed it down a bit, but heavier effects(unless they were soo bugged that they didn't show at all xD) still will be heavier.

PC games aren't really any different at it, soo I don't understand why people taking things like that as bugs. If you look at the ground/wall you'll get higher fps easier than during some heavy FX or while looking at the crowded city, it's exactly same with emulation, through the heaviness of the effect additionally depend on the difference how it's done on the console and in dx hardware and not just on it's "eyecandiness".
Thanks for the feedback, mates.

So I believe it is some sort of texture or particle in the attack that takes the computer a long time to process.
The more important part is that I confirmed it is not related to my computer's processing only.
I do know that the 6x makes the chances of lag higher, but what really called for my attention is that after about 10 hours of gaming that is the only lag I ever had in this program.
It was weird for me cause it was a single animation with a single character from a big list of possible characters.

But I still believe the topic was nice. As Vsub pointed out, there are other problems with particles/textures in FFX.
Maybe in the future pcsx2 gets a way to soften just this sort of graphics without the need to downgrade all the rest of the emulation (as it would happen by reducing to Native - I cant stant the pixelation the game gets at Native).
Maybe it will help ppl that google for the problem in the future as well, since when I did I couldnt find anything useful.

ty again.
(03-01-2013, 09:56 AM)miseru99 Wrote: It's not a bug/problem nor anything needing a fix;p, x6 internal res is way too much for any currently existing gpu to keep full fps in each game through all time.

I can't stress this enough..
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