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[Bug Report] FFX thunder plains ramdom freeze BUG
the first time i played this, on the latest build i did not have this issue, and this was using default settings and no turbo, or frame limiting.

how ever i wanted to reset my game and play it a lil smarter because i ran into some trouble, being a noob at it and all. How ever i wanted to speed things up so I had turbo, and frame limiting off. And that is when i ran across this issue. How ever after turning both of those to normal i no longer had this battle "freeze".

not entirly sure if you guys where trying to speed through the 20 hours of story and fighting to get to the boat Tongue but id figured i would share my resolve to see if it helps anyone else having this "issue".

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Please make a new thread in stead of reviving a thread over 2 years mate.

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