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Dirge of Cerberus
So i bought Dirge of Cerberus and I was looking through google to see what the controls were for the game, and I saw it supports the gamepad, which is normal, but also a USB Compatible Keyboard and Mouse. Is there a way to let Lilypad recognize my keyboard for that game??

This where I saw it btw:

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you can try the Nuvee plugin it should support keyboard and mouse
Nevermind I saw your post about DoC Smile I'll have a look into it then. I assume just copy the *.dll into the plugin folder and set it up??
no it should support both use the usb plugin.

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I have another kinda annoying thing with DoC atm. I know for 100% sure it's a PAL version but the game's text and subs are japanese, but the audio and main menu isn't. Can anyone enlighten me how to fix this issue? Smile I've already checked the settings in the BIOS itself (Well the Playstation 2 Main Menu Settings)
Hmm that is odd, Have you tried full boot instead of fast boot?
I thought full boot is broken??
It works for me, I never had a problem with full boot on any game, I have ntsc games so maybe it doesn't work as good on pal games.
yeah you're right full boot does make the game go in full english Smile But How can I configure the Nuvee plugin? Cause I put the plugin.dll into Plugin folder and it shows as Xpad, but Configure doesn't want to work.
it should show under USB (since the keyboard and mouse are usb devices Tongue)

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