ENBseries for PCSX2 !!!??? Ultimate HD Graphic
hi, i found this software plugin. if everything is true it can increase the graphic details of the pc games (almost all pc games), and of course it works with pcsx2.

I red originally they made this software plugin for the morrowind. It can add hdr lighting and many new shaders. if you use some shaders (not all) the fps rate won't decrease.

look what it did

did anyone test it?

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here are some pc screenshots

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i checked and it also works with dolphin wii

but i noticed something....with the ENBseries is much more faster.

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Interesting! But i think it will slow down PCSX2 like slow down any PC games before...Closedeyes
I will test today and i will report back about the fps rate
Why do I think I know MGE from long date? It's indeed an amazing work from Timeslip. It's function is to give directX9 capabilities to the good old Morrowind developed on dx8. The final result is simply amazing albeit making it heavier than Oblivion in many things, mainly with some enhancing mods Smile

PS: ah, yes, it does have a shader section with several predefined profiles (including some bloom and fake HDR) and allows user defined ones. but in the end it consist in placing the intercepting dll in the main application folder and let it convert whatever output to dx9.
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The pictures are like .... not so.

It's just adding some simple blur to the original image. That's what's called Bloom or Fake HDR.
I don't see how this could increase image quality. It makes it kinda shiny. But it's just blurry.

And of course it will probably decrease the framerate doing a fullscreen pass to create this effect.
It's the shader section, EPSXE has a hook for similar function, it's possible to provide it on PCSX2... but the emulator is already heavy as it is now... maybe someday...

PS: BTW, Pete's OGL2.9 plugin does have that hook, not EPSXE.
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@mcv can you upload your enbseries.ini so i can try it with dolphin?
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i tried to run the ENBseries (hdr shader) with the pcsx2 but i couldn't, but i know it works somehow.

look at this http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?p=19882699
the god of war looks better

any idea

oh, i almost forgot i found this for you GundamQuatro

i believe it can help for you

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