FF XII EXP Multiplier
Hey guys,

I am really frustrated right now.. i am looking for a working EXP Multiplier (x4)
vor der German PAL Version of the game, i found one for the US Version, but that doesnt work on my version. I searched now about 2 hours in google but i found nothing.

Could really need help for this, thanks!

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Nobody can help me?

I found this: http://www.ps3iso.com/ps2-tutorials/8779...c-pal.html but i dont understand how to substract those number to get the right result, so if anybody can make me an EXP Multiplier (x4 or x2) i would be really thankfull.
The site above has got a quite collection of games.

There are a few members here who are very skillful in such thing. You can wait for their answer. But US version is always the better choice. PAL support is inferior on both first-party and third-party sides.
Thanks for your response, i just wonder, when i convert my FFXII (PAL Version) to NTSC Version, will the cheats work?
No, the game executable and/or it's data differs and stores the same stuff in slightly different adresses in memory, hence the cheats will not work. "Conversion" is just changing the value of refresh, it doesn't really change your game to ntsc version or anything serious, not only it will not affect cheats in any way, but also will break timings in the game;p.

Local versions of the games have no love at all in the world, soo yeah if you really want to use that cheat either look for it on some local german cheating sites(if there are any) or create the codes by yourself. Anyway using cheats in FF games most of the time lead to problems and I would recommend the editor/trainer for it, but it's quite possible it doesn't support german version either.

Exp is not important in FFXII anyway. The game is based on accuired gear, skills and tactics much more than character lvl, the game actually has a mode without exp and you can pass whole game on 1lvl without problems;].

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