FF XII - glitchy shadows during cutscenes. Any fixes?

I am going to refer to an old post because we have identical issues and the TC from the original post uploaded a lot of great pictures detailing the problem.


I've gotten to the point where I can minimize the shadows on the ground, but like the original guy, doing so just adds glitchy shadows where there wasn't any previously.

I've tried just about every fix I could find. I've tried various native and custom resolutions but fixing one thing seems to break another. The topic I reference had like 9000 views I think but only a couple responses. I am kind of guessing that means no one found a fix but I figured I'd ask once before giving up on it.

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Tried just on latest build and it doesn't happen for me on radeon card and DX11, no hacks used;]. It does happen on DX9 which doesn't matter much anyway. I also remember finishing whole game going for 100% gameplay on DX11 over year ago without any graphical glitches either.
Oh and that old thread was probably just been forgotten, views doesn't count, there was at least once in the past a bug which made view counter rise very high without any reason, could as well be the case only he had that bug till it happened for you.;]
Interesting. I am using a nVidia card. Is it possible there is a conflict with the nVidia drivers I am using? If anyone has or is playing FFXII and aren't having any shadow issues, which drivers are you using?

It's atleast nice to know that it's not a universal problem.

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