GT4 on Lenovo Y580 (Windows 8)

can someone help me with Gran Turismo 4?

I can't get it to work normally.

Firstly i tried stable version 1.0, but the game was unplayable. Even intro video lagged. At the race, everything was so laggy, that i played like in slow motion.
Then after reading some threads, i downloaded latest version from SVN.

Here situation was quite good (still lags a lot, when picking a car, driving, etc.). But now after one/two races the program crashes at all.

My system specs:

Proc.: Core i7-3820QM
Video: GeForce GTX 660M 2GB (@1366x768)
RAM: 16GB 1600 MHz

Currently i am on Windows 8.


GS - SSE41 (GSdx32-SSE4-r5442)
Settings: Adapter - GTX 660M/ Renderer - DX11 Hardware/ Interlacing - Blend bff / resolution - native/ Texture filtering - on/ 8-bit txts - on

Everything else defaults

Emulation settings:

EE - defaults
VUs - Clamping Mode: Extra + Preserve Sign
GS - defaults
GS Window - Aspect ration 16:9/Wait for Vsync on refresh
Speedhacks - EE Cyclerate 3/mVU/MTVU

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Knock that EE cycle rate down to 2, and maybe play around with the VU cycle stealing.
Still impossible to play. Tried like all the possible settings... Sad Game speed and FPS acts like on a roller coaster. Mostly game runs in slow motion. Tried both SVN and stable. Both runs the same.

Have anyone got normal speeds with their laptops?
GT4 is one of the most demanding games and it requires a really fast pc to run. You can try using the mtVU speed hack
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
It should play reasonably well on your system. Use the NVidia control panel to make sure PCSX2 uses "high performance GPU" rather than the integrated intel GPU.
Tried mtVU hack, and yes i am using "high performance GPU". When driving, FPS waves from 30 to 50.
User preset 4 and use native resolution on GSdx. That's probably the fastest you can get it to run. If that's not enough, well.. bummer.
Thanks for the answers, i guess my laptop is just too slow Wink
Its the problem...a laptop.
Actually it might not be the laptop being too weak, try running the game with the framerate unlocked, this way PCSX2 will use everything available from the CPU. Something else you can try is running in Software mode since thats highly demanding and will make good use of your CPU without raising the temps too high. When you do try software make sure you change the options under Software Mode Options (Extra Rendering Threads to 3 and Edge AA On).

Im having this problem where games run fastest in Software mode or with the framelimit off, otherwise PCSX2 only uses a single core and rarely two.

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