God Of War 2 insanely low fps on new rig!
Been playing GOW2, well, trying to, and I get insanely low fps (10~) on DX10 Software. On DX10 Hardware I get 20 FPS~ with that green screen, I got a new computer, and I saw people with way worst rig then I have and run GOW2 with 50FPS. My rig:
AMD Phenom II 720BE currently 2.8GHZ (3.4 regularly)
nVIDIA GeForce GTX260 216SP
4GB Ram
Vista x64 (I run Pcsx2 0.9.6 as Administrator)
Why am I getting like 7 fps when people with freakin NOTEBOOKS get higher fps then I do?
Thx a lot.

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for play GoW games you must have the GSdx 1076m. search this plugin in google
K got it just now, trying on DX9 Hardware. Running ok in the intro movie, 50 FPS~, sound's kinda laggy like always but I need to watch the whole intro movie to see how's the gameplay. Will update, stay tuned.
K, played it, it runs with poorly 20 FPS~... With no speed hack on... With speed hacks the movies go on 120% so it's annoying, can I limit it to 100% some how? ty.

With speed hacks the game is still non-playable... 20-25FPS... WHY? Thanks.
You have some really bad PCSX2 configuration probably. Check the configuration guide and do it properly
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I did it, one by one, but it did not save anything... Probably because I didn't know that I need to run it as Administrator... ***** it, I'll do it again right now and update this topic. Thanks a bunch.
OK, I did it all, again, by your guide and still getting 20 FPS~ when I start the first battle in the game. What could be the problem? I can see people with E7400 and HD4850 running the game @ full speed, and my rig is much stronger then this... I tried DX10 HW and Software as well as DX9 HW and Software, in Hardware I get green screen and 20 FPS, in Software I get only 20FPS...
Get the latest beta from here:
And try again
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I downloaded and re-configured it all, now getting 29-33FPS... What the hell is going on man? Your help is greatly appreciated.
PS - Hardware is giving me the frame rate I mentioned above, and Software is giving me 7-12 FPS, even in menus... Movies run smoothly with 60FPS (sometimes bit less, like 58) but the gameplay isn't playable... I get 30 FPS if I fight, and 60 if I'm in a not crowded area or something, like when I face a wall or underwater sometimes...
Ok now do this:
List all plugins used,their configurations (mainly the graphics and sound plugin configs) and all the PCSX2 configurations (CPU,speed hacks,advanced)
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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