How hard would it be to implement a auto-update system?
I'm no developer btw, so I'm sorry if this was offensive to the devs or anything. I love your work. I'm just curious, this would be a pretty good addition. That's a system that Citra, Cemu, Yuzu, RPCS3 and other emulators use. Thanks.

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pcsx2 currently has not auto-update

need to be updated manually
as you look on my attachment
newer pcsx2 is on it's seperate folder and older ones would been remove/retire/or put to on hold
bios and memcards folder will use as "global folder"

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There's a ticket about auto-updater buried in git somewhere. But it's essentially stuck in development hell as it requires fundamentally changing how the builds are done (IIRC)... and that ticket been around for a few years now so it is not trivial. Perhaps it will get implemented by 1.8 time... Or not... This is a free project ran by volunteers.

Quick Edit... Here it is:
Hey thanks for all the answers lads, I found the vsub's auto-updater really fine and handy. It's not through the gui, but it's a pretty good tool to avoid managing with folders everytime we update. Thanks vsub for the useful tool and thanks the others again for the helpful posts
Uh, 19 *false positives* is a ker-razee amount for something that's just meant to update some files...
(07-12-2021, 11:27 PM)HoboWithAShotgun Wrote: Uh, 19 *false positives* is a ker-razee amount for something that's just meant to update some files...
Many antimalware programs like to label AutoHotkey as a malware just because you can do such thing with it doesn't mean the program itself is a malware

What the program does is scan the buildbot page,extract the link to the latest version of pcsx2,download it and extract it by replacing your current version

It does the same thing as if you do it manually

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