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How hard would it be to implement a auto-update system?
I'm no developer btw, so I'm sorry if this was offensive to the devs or anything. I love your work. I'm just curious, this would be a pretty good addition. That's a system that Citra, Cemu, Yuzu, RPCS3 and other emulators use. Thanks.

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pcsx2 currently has not auto-update

need to be updated manually
as you look on my attachment
newer pcsx2 is on it's seperate folder and older ones would been remove/retire/or put to on hold
bios and memcards folder will use as "global folder"

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Main PC1:i5-7600,GTX1660Ti
Main PC2:i5-4670,HD7770
PCSX2 Discord server IGN:smartstrike
PCSX2 version uses:Custom compiled buildĀ 1.7.0 64-bit(to be update regularly)
There's a ticket about auto-updater buried in git somewhere. But it's essentially stuck in development hell as it requires fundamentally changing how the builds are done (IIRC)... and that ticket been around for a few years now so it is not trivial. Perhaps it will get implemented by 1.8 time... Or not... This is a free project ran by volunteers.

Quick Edit... Here it is:
Hey thanks for all the answers lads, I found the vsub's auto-updater really fine and handy. It's not through the gui, but it's a pretty good tool to avoid managing with folders everytime we update. Thanks vsub for the useful tool and thanks the others again for the helpful posts

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