How to use wii remote on Time Crisis
Title says it all I want to use the wii remote as a light gun on Time Crisis 2 and 3. I saw on other forums that this is possible but couldn't make it work. They mention that a SW named GlovePIE is required. Also some sort of script is required I'm guessing this is game specific.

Could use some help on this.


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This is not game specific. GlovePIE emulates the keyboard and mouse using the Wiimote. You still have to config the control normally in PCSX2.

Download GlovePIE. A tutorial about how to write scripts is bundled in the package.
I looked into the document and couldn't understand it. I also found some scripts on the net an the package comes with some. I run them but back into PCSX2 I press keys on the wii and doesn't work nothing is detected
You could try using this plugin
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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I also have that in my PC but couldn't figure out how to install that and make it work someone mentioned he would do a tutorial but never happen and more recently he said it had problems. The issue is I found several solutions but no end to end tutorial. As I'm not familiar with scripts and stuff makes it hard for me to come up with a solution Sad
Anyone having this working with PCSX2 ?

srry to bump such an old thread ,
its 2018 Biggrin but did anyone get it working?
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