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Is My iMac Specs Enough?
This is my system idle

And here it is with just Chrome open

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I just read that wineskin only allows one thread. So all threads pcsx2 is using are directed into one thread. Hell no wonder that it is slow. That explains as well why increasing threads only yield small slowdowns.

Wait... nope. That was 2 years ago.

Do you have somewhere preferences where you can enable/disable multicore or update wine?
Not that I know of to be honest
It's really impressive. I can not find out how well wine supports multi core. All information I can get is unclear and at least 2 years old. At least some years ago multithreading (Win<->Wine) support was bad and multicore (Wine<->Mac/Linux) support was non existent. But I don't know how it is today.

As I said I would check for updates. Maybe you use some ancient wine version.
It's actually the most recent Wine version. 1.7 is the latest for Mac with wrapper version 2.6.2...correct?
I dont know.
Maybe you can check one of the two official mac pcsx2-ce threads and ask for further support there.

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