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Kingdom Hearts 2 Tron Crash
Well your image seems to be ok so...sorry but corrupted save

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Yeah it's definitely a corrupted save somehow. His save crashes my PCSX2 too when accessing the computer, but my own save doesn't.

Only question is, what caused the corruption? Hopefully prafull can figure something out from comparing the differences somehow.

It's strange, because I even used cheats on my own save, and it didn't screw up the file. Yet his file does crash while he never used any cheats.
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(08-30-2018, 12:43 PM)Ryudo Wrote: All I can say is that something weird is up with your save file.

My own save file works fine in that area and the computer. Not sure how it happened, but you might have to restart the game. Alternatively you can try exiting the planet and re-entering it, see if that resolves it, but I highly doubt it.

I actually tried your alternative way and weirdly enough, it worked!

As I was trying to exit the world because the only way out from that planet is to exit the room. And while I was exiting, a cut scene played then the party split. And I can access the computer! 

And I am still trying to exit the room, but there's a boss fight!

I guess, this thread is solved? I think?

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