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LilyPad 0.10.0
Hi, i have PCSX2 0.9.4 with revision 528. I'm not able to run Guitar Hero Rock the 80's. A windiows error appear. the game are okay and settings seem to be okay but... wich exe must i use? "pcsx2Pg-vm-svn528.exe" or "pcsx2Pg-vtlb-svn528.exe" ?i have lilypad installed but my Guitar Hero III PC guitar doesn't work. I tried my logitech gamepad, same thing...


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I don't have any of the GH games, so I don't know. As far as I know, my guitar stuff has only been tested with Rock Band and GH2. It sounds like it works fine with the former, and people have met with varying degrees of success with the latter (Using the GH2 hack, which makes a guitar act like a pad with some odd behaviors to mimic a guitar's in-game behavior).

Because of the necessity of the GH2 hack, I suspect that and GH game released after GH2 also won't recognize a pad with guitar enabled as an actual guitar, though I could be wrong.
Please help.поставил the keyboard as a guitar but you to game he asks a microphone but a guitar does not find.
Sorry, my engels.
(01-05-2009, 12:13 AM)Dwarg Wrote: Could someone with an Xbox 360 controller installed try this version and see if the controller is detected and if they can bind all its controls? Everything should be bound as a button, not an axis. Disable DirectInput first, just to make sure I'm using XInput to bind the buttons instead of DirectInput.

Note: Despite the fact the config screen looks almost identical, this is a fairly significant rewrite, and will destroy all your bindings if you have an older LilyPad config file. It still needs to undergo a fair bit of testing, so I don't recommend actually using it to play games yet. I just want to see if my XInput code is working at all.

Ok gave it a try! Y,X,A,B,left shoulder/trigger and right shoulder trigger worked fine,start button and back too.
Some odd behavior with the analog sticks,took me 2-3 tries to get it working right.D-pad fine as well.
Other comments: Config screen takes significantly more time to load,but i guess that's to be expected Smile
Soo it's already working great,I'm playing my games as we speak with it,great job!
Edit: Seems when I want to change direction (with the analog) eg from down left to up right my character walks instead of runs,but this is pretty minor for a test build Smile
Edit2: Hmm same problem with XPad...I hope this is not a weird xbox360 controller issue,I'm starting to like this mainly because I don't have to change the friggin batteries all the time Tongue
Here's a pic:

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[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks for the feedback. Think I've found the binding problem you were running into, assuming you were running into issues when using horizontal/vertical axis buttons. If you were binding the directions individually, no idea what's going on. Both now work as expected, unless pressure sensitive buttons is enabled, in which case you basically get the old behavior, though flip is now more like invert - completely different from what it used to do, and less likely to be needed. Screenshot also clued me on to another minor problem - I meant for the trigger buttons to be treated as buttons, so they wouldn't have the + after them. Their pressure sensitivity will still work after that change.

Can't find anything that might cause the other XInput issue you mention. Handling all looks fine to me. You could try increasing the sensitivity a little and see if it at least circumvents the issue.

Your config screen delay is strange. Pops up almost instantly for me. My new code runs through a lot more lines, to keep things simple, but I find the speed difference unnoticeable. I do most of my initialization when PADInit() is called, which generally happens when PCSX2 starts, unless I'm not already set as the default pad plugin. Does it happen every time you enter my config screen, or just the first time between PCSX2 restarts?

Here's a newer version with a bunch of bug fixes, mostly related to DirectInput and binding. Things I know need work are Force Feedback (In, but completely untested for both DirectInput or XInput), an option to link the sensitivity of all bindings for the same axis, and some sensitivity tweaking on bindings. Edit: You'll need to rebind your triggers after the upgrade.

<Attachment outdated, removed>
The delay was happening when the config box was coming out,it's gone now,who knows what was to blame Tongue
I upped the sensitivity to about 1.4 and my problem is gone you were right Smile But now sometimes when I'm eg in a menu and try to go left,it gets 'stuck' going left until I move the stick to the right,guess it's because of the high sensitivity

Force Feedback is detected,but doesn't do anything.Tried the test buttons but no vibration whatsoever (and not in the game either)
New config screen attached,I think the bug you mentioned is fixed Wink

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[Image: newsig.jpg]
Force Feedback (Both in game and with the test button) should work with this one...I hope. Wasn't setting the right magnitude.

At the Test Device screen for your pad, do the reported values for the analog stick look at all odd when you go from one direction to the other? Like when you end up walking when you should be running.

<Attachment outdated, removed>
Ok feedback working great,testing in Shadow Hearts 2 as well Wink
About the test device getting some really weird values with the analog sticks.
Check the values with nothing pressed and left stick up.
You'll see the left thumb x values change as well...
Also,when i let go of the left stick up,the values of left thumb y and left thumb y+ do not return to the first ones (nothing screen) but a bit higher...sometimes it takes several seconds for them to go back to 0.065 again
and sometimes they just stay at 0.087
Not sure if these are any useful to you since I'm no pad expert but mentioning them just in case

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[Image: newsig.jpg]
It's not uncommon for analog axes not to zero properly, unfortunately. It, and related issues, have caused me a lot of headaches with my binding code. I have similar issues with the left stick of my Logitech Rumblepad. Curiously, the right one zeroes out much better, though not perfectly.

I've considered either hard-coding a dead zone of 5-10% or making the option to set one manually. The former option seems a bit heavy handed, and the latter results in just too much to configure, in my opinion.

Most games are coded with some awareness of this fact, but if you have a game coded specifically for, say, a single specific controller, that controller may already have built-in dead zones, or a different sensitivity, so the value where you know something is definitely pressed my be different than with another controller.

Edit: New release is just the 3rd XInput test with one minor DirectInput FF fix. I'm changing the recommended keyboard and mouse modes to Windows Messaging, though DirectInput should work fine, too. Also, as a reminder, all old bindings will be lost when you upgrade.
(01-06-2009, 11:32 AM)valeric Wrote: Please help.поставил the keyboard as a guitar but you to game he asks a microphone but a guitar does not find.
Sorry, my engels.
Dont Select Guitar hero 2 Hack - it brakes Rock Band
На гитару поставь галочку, на гитар хиро 2 - сними

Dwarg, great job with Plugin. What about Drums for Rock Band? Wink

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