Mismatched Save State
version: 0.9.8 r4600
game: Ar Tonelico (doubt it matters)
After pressing f1, f2 and f3 for some time, I've noticed the program log saves to a different state than what the emulator shows. Example: the program log saves to state 8 but the emulator shows state 0. Most likely the emulator missed a couple f2.
Also, after a while the emulator keeps running the game but ignores any buttons pressed( e.g. esc, f1, f2, etc).


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Try with the latest SVN build and disable the "save state # in title" option in Lilypad:

there was a somewhat recent fix about it so that should do it.

Also not reading the function keys after a while only happens after changing windows a lot as far as I know and can be fixed by changing the Keyboard API in LilyPad also.
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That stop of reading of function keys can also be fixed by saving the game from gui window(althrough not sure why this fixes itTongue).

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