Official thank you thread
Thanks, PCSX2.
I love HCTP.

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Just wanted to thank everyone involved with developing and maintaining PCSX2.

I can't say how much I appreciate it and how much fun I'm having replaying my beloved GT4 ...

... at 1440p
... in wide screen
... with actual thumb triggers instead of buttons for breaks and gas

And so much to tweak and optimize still with all those wonderful plugins.

Holy f***, this is so awesome!

Keep up doing the magic stuff <3
Thank you for making this awesome software; I've been trying to use it since 2008; I just couldn't figure it out until now in 2021; that's 13 years I kept on trying; I didn't know that I could get BIOS from my ps2; I have 50 games now and still discovering more I estimate I'll have 100-200 games maybe more; most are classics worth a replay; other games are impossible to get unless you're willing to pay a scalper double or triple; they excuse their behavior by saying it's rare; but even so if it was being sold in a store, pawnshop, flea market, garage sale etc. the stores an the like would sell the disc for retail price same goes for a download; but sadly it's always the good game making companies that go out of business so no download and no more discs or sequels; speaking of scalpers I've been trying to get my hands on a ps5 at retail price; but purchase bots are still getting past online the useless countermeasures; that only works on real gamers trying to buy the bots have hacks to get past that; I literally watched my screen all day on a expected wave that the internet said stores would have (so called online stock) "yeah right" but nothing " I knew it"; refreshing multiple times did nothing; covid has calmed down enough "no more excuses" retailers need to have it physically in store to ensure 1 per customer it's the only way!; but no! retailers abusing this crisis for profit too! that's the real reason why it's order online only; we could pre order if they'd let us; and why is it that they don't use a timed que to only let people that the web page can handle be connected so the website won't crash they are seriously outdated on this matter it's possible for them to do it it's  just they don't care; I really wish I lived in the UK at least one of their online stores cancelled bot orders and they are working on anti scalping laws; but America the land of opportunity! for others "not you" finds a petition to stop scalpers; it's hopeless it only has a sad 1,000 signatures but I know there's at least millions of gamers; a good example is Warframe's 50 million players; I'd be able to play again if ps5 was available for purchase; scalpers aren't helping making false demand that is only causing the console makers to rush making more resulting in broken devices they need to stop rushing production for profit; no one should have to buy something new that's broken; the only way I'd buy a ps4 is if I get another stimulus check; considering the fact that I never qualified for reasons beyond my control; I only got one stimulus on 3-18-2021 and as you already know since covid has calmed down it's highly unlikely that they'd do another stimulus; anyways thanks again why? because PCXS2 will keep me busy for awhile; I was looking for a name or names of those that made PCXS2 to thank them directly; seriously you "deserve" to be paid for making it; I'd give you a donation if I could; just can't right now; but perhaps some time in the future for when I get a steady income.
oh and by the way scalpers can buy anything and sell it at ridiculous prices you name it; they already took advantage of the covid crisis and bought all toilet paper and hand sanitizer and tried to sell it at ridiculous prices; since they can buy and sell anything; what's next is your precious cell phones, your home or apartment now some #*@%^$ dictates how you live, they can even buy YOU human trafficking  or sell your organs; yes there may be laws to prevent it but online they'd definitely get away with it; don't you know hackers can change their IP address before police can locate them and if they aren't a hacker well they are rich enough to pay a hacker.
I've been using PCSX2 for several years now and I just wanted to say thank you to all the guys and gals for developing and maintaining this thing over the years. Thank you all much!
Best of the Best.
Thanks for sticking around all this time.
Thanks for The tons of time spent on this incredible emulator just to preserve the Amazing Catalog of the playstation 2!

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