PCSX2 on Microsoft Surface? (windows 8)
So, the upcoming Microsoft Surface runs Windows RT, however the pro edition that is coming after that is running Windows 8.

Would it be plausible to expect to run PCSX2 on that device when its released?

I searched and this does not seem to have been asked yet. Sorry if I am wrong.


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with an hd 3000?

(10-24-2012, 07:26 PM)WarWeeny Wrote: with an hd 3000?


The pro is using HD4000 integrated graphics processing
(10-24-2012, 07:27 PM)mithos Wrote: The pro is using HD4000 integrated graphics processing

still crap
(10-24-2012, 07:34 PM)WarWeeny Wrote: still crap

Not really.
(10-24-2012, 07:44 PM)naoan Wrote: Not really.

yes, really, lol

a gt630 m is faster (50% faster in general) then the hd4000 and that is stil not enough to run the majority of games on decent settings/speeds.
HD 4000 can run skyrim and BF3.....
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Yeah it can run them, if you call a slideshow running Tongue
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(10-24-2012, 11:26 PM)Bositman Wrote: Yeah it can run them, if you call a slideshow running Tongue

I call a grey screen running.. (well, used to lol)
HD 4000 doesn't REAAALLY suck and you know it, it's just maybe the best of the almost-worst-case-scenario bag with options. If you put it together with a pretty decent CPU it can run games normaly at native or even 720p. It will be the bottleneck factor most of the times if not always but it doesn't mean that it's trash because I use it for heavier tasks than PCSX2 that my Nvidia card doesn't seem to like them and I am not dissapointed at all. The truth is that's it's not a good idea to invest hopes for it as a PCSX2 device but still I'm pretty sure there are ALOT of members (I gues atleast 40% of them) in the forum that use 2 or 3 times worse setups and they get pretty satisfied by the results.

EDIT: Checked the specs and it looks like it's actually possible to run pretty/near decently PCSX2 on it if you don't have expectations BUT it looks like this won't be the reason to worry. This hardware has no cooling and I'm pretty sure it will suck on mentaining low temperatures unless it automatically underclocks or undervolts the CPU which will result in terrible slowdowns and stability issues. Keep away from it.

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