Pcsx 0.9.8 Built-In Recorder help
Hey all.
I'm having this trouble trying to use the built-in recorder (F12) for Pcsx 0.9.8. When every time I try to record it, it just becomes a .wav file no matter what codec I used. This is starting to get really frustrating, and I've been looking everywhere on Google for a solution but no results.

So if there is any way you guys may know how, I really appreciate it a lot...

My laptop:

Ram: 2 GB
Processor: Inter® Celeron® M CPU 440 @ 1.86GHz 1.86GHz

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PCSX2 save the video where you decide from the when you are choosing the video compressor and save the audio(wav)to the pcsx2 directory.

If you close the window(not clicking ok)on the dialog from which you choose the video compressor,pcsx2 won't save the video but it will record the audio(wav file in pcsx2 directory)

Also your CPU is really weak for pcsx2 let alone record while playing.
(06-15-2012, 04:45 PM)Bestow5000 Wrote: Processor: Inter® Celeron® M CPU 440 @ 1.86GHz 1.86GHz

I wonder how you play while recording with that processor...

Anyway, don't forget to press F12 again to stop your recording process properly...
(06-15-2012, 05:47 PM)Archerko Wrote:
Anyway, don't forget to press F12 again to stop your recording process properly...

And twice not just once
Well making a gameplay movie =/= playing. Soo doesn't really matter what cpu and gpu he has and what speed he'll be playing;P. Movie will be at full speed anyway.

The things I would be concerned in here:
- encoding will take ages,
- recording high quality movies properly eats up gb's like it was nothing, and I doubt such laptop getting anything bigger than 120gb in standard soo disc space can be a problem,
- temps, pretty much every thing that can generate heat will be doing it at max couse heavy abuse including hdd which normally doesn't add much. In old laptop that's a huge problem, something can easily burn in there. If such old hardware is the only one you have and have no money to get a new one, you should consider twice before risking frying it.;]
Wait a second so just I have a clear understanding of what this feature is, are you guys saying that the recording feature of PCSX2 records in actual video format, rather than using the game's inputs? So when you watch a "movie" file, you're watching an actual video file instead of an input file? If so, why do it this way? PCSX, epsxe, MAME and all other emulators use this method for recording and playback, so why was PCSX2 designed to record and playback this way?
I don't understand what you mean by game's inputs? The recording feature does what it says, records your gameplay on a video file. PCSX2 can't play back the video files it creates via this function.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Are you familiar with MARP or SuperCade?



I am referring to recording and playing back "movies" via this method.
PCSX2 just record a video of how you play the game and after that you can watch that video with any player or upload it in youtube for example.

I think I know of what you are talking about but I doubt this will be useful in pcsx2.
If for example you use cheats while recording this way,the person playing the replay also must use the same cheats,otherwise it becomes a mess...and the speed may also be a problem or what if the AI decide to do something else(are the AI actions also recorded)

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