Please teach me how to transfer saves from my PS2 memory card to PCSX2
I'm a n00b

I have
- an extremely old PS2
- 1 memory card
- 1 USB flash drive
- a Codebreaker disc
- a new PC
- no idea how to do it

Thanx Biggrin
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Since you have old ps2(I hope old mean the phat PS2)and you have codebreaker,just run it,go to the device manager(I think that was the name),go to the memory card,select the save you want,and copy them to your USB flash drive.

When you are done,plug the flash drive to your PC,open your pcsx2 memory card with mymc and import all backed up .cbs files(CodeBreaker Saves)

That's all

And just to be safe,there are cases with some USB flash drives that if it's plugged in while starting codebreaker,codebreaker will load extremely slow,so plug the USB once codebreaker is fully loaded
see this thread:-
My PS2 won't read the CB disc, actually it won't read any disc at all after being neglected all these months Mellow Thanx for your help anyway
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Last night my PS2 read the CB disc, I quickly inserted the memory card and flash drive, then selected all saves and copied them to flash drive, but when I plug it to PC, there is nothing...

Is this because my USB flash drive was FAT32?
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Files system has nothing to do with it.
If you plug the usb in your ps2 and start CodeBreaker again,are the saves in the USB.

If you really did copy them,they should be visible when you plug the USB in your PC.
CodeBreaker recognized both memory card and flash drive

I selected all saves with X (they turned yellow), then hit Triangle and "copy", then selected the flash drive as destination

It read and wrote the save files for a few minutes, but when I look into the flash drive in the Codebreaker menu, there's nothing in it

Then I plug the flash drive to PC, there's indeed nothing in it
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To check if there are cbs saves in the USB,you are not using Device Manager but Day 1(if I remember correctly)
My PC says there's nothing inside the flashdrive at all

Maybe I'll format it, remove the label, autorun, and try again when my PS2 wanna read disc
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If you are going to format it,try on FAT(not FAT32)and try again with CodeBreaker

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