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Project Unification - Comprehensive Cheat Manager for PCSX2

That's great news.  Hopefully it was pooling that was causing it.  As long as the issue doesn't reappear, I'll commit the fix to the next version of Project Unification.

In regards to your question concerning being able to reorder the codes.... this was something I experimented with early on in the development process.  The SQL language (which is what Project Unification is using to read/write to the database) doesn't really provide an effective means to do this.  There are actually good technical reasons for why that is.  That doesn't mean that it can't be done, however... it just can't easily be coded (at least not in anyway that I'm aware of... but I'm certainly not a SQL expert).  I may be able to implement this in a future version, but with work and college, it's just too time consuming to code such a feature in right now.... especially because I think it just may not be possible to do it in way that works well with SQL.

For now, assuming you have a scenario in which you have codes already in the database and you want to reorder them (or add new codes in a specific order), there is a way to do this that isn't too burdensome.  

In such a scenario, you can use the new "select all codes" button that I've added.  Then, generate the PNACH file with all the codes.  You can then modify the PNACH file text with any changes (i.e. new codes, different order of codes, etc.) and use the new PNACH import feature to simply re-import the modified PNACH file into the database.

I know this isn't an ideal solution, but it's probably the best option for now....

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Yeah I'll just have to do it using that method then. Not a major issue, was just wondering if there was an 'easier' method of rearranging the codelist.

Currently playing Star Ocean 3 again. Looks fancy with the database.

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