RTS games
Are they incredibly hard to play on the emulator? I really want to play my AvP Extinction again, but i think i would be very difficult.

Can i configure my mouse as the analog? OR is there a way that is good for rts's?

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They are as hard as while you play them on your PS2(there is no difference)but to answer on your question...yes,you can use LilyPad to control the analog with the mouse
I didn't mean the actually difficulty of the game, i just meant that i thought it would be really hard having to play withg the arrow keys, but thanks alot, im gonna find my disc now
you can always buy a controller they are cheap these days
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If you have a ps3 or xbox controller you can use them.
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It'll be as hard as your machine is able to emulate the game at steady speed, sometimes it may be easier, or impossible hard. Depends on so many things for such broad answer.
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crap, i would have loved to hook up one of my xbox controllers, but they're all wireless lol

and how do i configure lillypad to use the mouse
Set Mouse API to Windows messaging and start configuring the directions of the analog...click on left=>move the mouse left,click on right=>move the mouse right and so on
i just can't seem to get this to work properly. Here are my setings, is there anything im missing, the mouse just doesn't do anything.

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I just tried with the settings(my version of LilyPad is the same)but the mouse work.
Try other Mouse APIs.

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