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Shin Megami Tensei (nocturne) Lucifers call pcsx2 gameshark help please? ^_^
Absolutely sorry to resurrect this old thread, but having much trouble trying to correct the huge mistake i made deleting "Lunge" skill from my MC skill list, i'm trying 1-2h everyday to make cheats working without success...

I'm playing the Euro Pal version of the game, SLES_533.63, crc AE0DE7B7.

Every codes i tried from this very usefull and comprehensive site (use google to translate from portuguese) do nothing at all, so i assume it is not made for my version.

But when i try the above code for max money, patch=1,EE,58525567,extended,665EA7B1, just to understand (i don't want max money, i just want my skill back), it completely crashes pcsxe, which means it does something, at least :-)

Not any piece of code i found on the forum works for my version.

Help :-/

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