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Shin Megami Tensei (nocturne) Lucifers call pcsx2 gameshark help please? ^_^
I rewrote them Laugh

gametitle=Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifers [AE0DE7B7]
comment=testing for gameshark
//Max money

Forgot to mention, master code is not needed when using cheats file with PCSX2

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Oh lols, why you guys use the cheat converter instead of PCSX2CE? It would do all the work automatically, even remembers cheats folder, soo converting looks like that:
- grab codes from the net or create your own,
- convert to raw using omniconvert,
- paste the result to pcsx2ce anc copy crc from pcsx2 log to it(edit: forgot pcsx2ce needs also gametitle to save;P, I usually use it only to add formatting as I like my notepad<3),
- click one or two buttons and pnach file created;].

Takes few seconds:]... and also, when creating pnach file manually "comment" and "gametitle" aren't needed at all, you could as well just type the game name and to get a good practice comment it out using "//", the crc in gametitle is also obsolete especially considering filename is already the game crc:]. Only the patch lines really matter(through naming each code is always a good practice;]).
Didn't know about this..

THX for pointing it out Cool
Guess it's fault of the outdated guides and their amount, I guess the stickies and tutorials for cheating are in chaos right nowTongue old stuff mixed with new, and generally much toooo much info which makes it confusing and isn't really needed to know considering currently we use only 2 programs which does most of the stuff automatically. O.O

This is what I've got so far guys Smile

Thanks for the alternate way of doing it, should use that probably in the future but going to use this way seeing as I think I'm almost done with it?

Also if you like you could add me on skype if you think it would help? Tongue (username: Jordan.Bain2) If not it's all cool ^_^
then put your .pnach file into patches folder

I don't have skype and I don't know how to use it and I reluctant to learn it too... Laugh

edit: what version is your PCSX2??? I assume you're using 0.9.6 which came from console logs you posted before in this thread
Yeah I'm using 0.9.6
Time to get back to 2012 from 2006ish and use 0.9.8 from our website Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Added two cheats at separate times from two separate websites and neither worked.

I first tried max money from the first website listed before and then i tried the max hp from the second. After trying the first and it failing I deleted it from my patches folder and repeated the process to add the second. Either I'm doing something wrong or the codes aren't working, my bet would be me doing something wrong :<
any help as to the problem? Wacko
are you sure you're doing it right??

I mean, the conversion of codes to RAW type codes

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