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Shin Megami Tensei (nocturne) Lucifers call pcsx2 gameshark help please? ^_^
Well no Tongue All i'm doing is copying the codes from the web, pasting them into the converter, clicking convert and bob's your uncle, I'm getting codes on the opposite side Wacko

God damn it... I was never going to be a computer programmer anyway!

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try this:

58525567 665EA7B1

replace your existing max money cheat...

edit: I'll make it easier...

gametitle=Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifers [AE0DE7B7]
comment=testing for gameshark
//Max money
Yesterday I didn't even notice the cheats posted in this thread, but they're all converted wrong, for the future in omniconvert you need to select the correct INPUT - to format the codes you try to convert are, and OUTPUT - always as raw/unencrypted.

Gonna make it easy and just add the correctly made pnach file:

.pnach   AE0DE7B7.pnach (Size: 7,91 KB / Downloads: 3.665)
Make sure to edit this file and put "//" beefore lines starting from "patch=" to disable codes you don't want, I took the original codes from here and there's quite alot of them.
Okay firstly, kohaku, thanks for still trying to help Tongue I copied your code into notepad and saved it onto my desktop as AE....pnach then dropped it into my patches file for pcsx2. Loaded a game up and it didn't have max money :/ perhaps i'm still missing a process?

Miseru99, thanks for trying to help too ^_^ I downloaded what you've posted and placed it into my patches after editing codes out, perhaps wrong as i just deleted ones i didn't want rather than put //. They too didn't work for me :/

I am remembering to clear previous attempts that go wrong so i'm not overlapping the files ect.

Feel free to facepalm if you think i'm doing something totally wrong here Tongue
Do you have cheats enabled in pcsx2? (System->Enable cheats must be checked on)
Edit: also what did you ment by saying "into my patches"?Tongue The file must be in your pcsx2 "cheats" folder. Edit2: Oh well if you're still using 0.9.6 then it is patches folder(and enable them by checking on Misc->enable patches), but I would join to Bositman suggestion to update your pcsx2;3.
I have patches enabled on .6 but just tried upgrading to .8 and could not figure that out.. -.- boy i really am a genius!
Your problem with running new version or activating cheats?

If running/installing new version... we have official guide for that;P, including link to shorter "quick start guide" inside.

If you have new and working pcsx2, copied your bios or selected the correct directory, configured pad/keys etc. and just have problem with running cheats, do you see a warning "can't open file 'cheats\AE0DE7B7.pnach" in pcsx2 log window? Or "Cheats Loaded: ##" information? If it's the first one you don't have the file in correct directory or you saved it as text file after editing and it has .pnach.txt which .txt is hidden by windows by default;]. If you get the cheats loaded confirmation and they doesn't work, they weren't made for your game version, were badly converted(I'm pretty sure mine are ok, as only european release was called Lucifer's Call and I even compared them to ntsc to check if the same codes are in similar memory ranges), or simply weren't checked enough by the autor and work only in some locations/places which he forgot to mention.
Sorry to have taken so long, I decided to watch some films and sit around all day while everyone else looks at my problems Wink

Okay so, where am I at this stage? I've successfully updated to 0.9.8, I've set up the controllers and the Bios, the game is in full working order.

Now... I've checked the enable cheats section, so would I be right in thinking that I just drag the file AE0... into the patches area again and this time it should be cushty or is there more coding and setting up to go? ^_^

Sorry to be using up all your times and such but hey.. If I knew you I'd probably pay you, you've all been great helps in my endeavours!
(P.S... Don't send me no paypal details! Wink )
Max Money
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You must put the .pnach file in the cheats folder, 0.9.8 no longer uses a patches folder. Other than that, you should first check if your cheats are actually loaded. You can do that by running the game and then checking the log console title. If your patch was loaded properly, after the game's name it will display there "[X cheats]" where X is the number of cheats that got loaded.
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