Star Ocean 3 Problems :(
Hey, what's up. Wanted to stop by this site and post topics relating to why I have trouble playing Star Ocean 3, on my PC. I've tried playing it on 0.9.6 and 0.9.7, so far same problem, super low FPS. I'm not good with all the FPS, LIMITS, BIOS, PLUGINS. Hell I don't even know the real meaning of FPS, I just know if it goes down then you'll pretty much lag real hard, and if it's between 50-75, then it's all good. So if anyone can make a detailed guideline about these things and why it needs to be checked/unchecked for me to play Star Ocean 3 better, so that the "lag" from the game will be relinquished. I'd really appreciate it. We could also chat about it since I might have a lot of questions regarding the actual use of these things, and how I can apply it to different games. I know this might seem quite a lot to others, but for those of you that actually know the essence of these things, might not be that hard. So, basically I can make Star Ocean work on 0.9.7 now, the first scene makes no lag at all, it's smooth as silk, also at the Star of the game, when you choose the sound, vibration on/off, screensize, and so on, it appears very clear, with no delay when you switch from down to up. While the two are chatting, I don't get lag and it's smooth still. But then, the main problem is in-game. When the girl was done changing clothes and she came out and was going to the beach with Fayt, when I control Fayt I go to sudden de-overdriving. Meaning, I sink to 3-15 FPS! Before that part, while the movie/scenes were up, it was 50-70 or so, no lag whatsoever. There's also this distinct delay when the screen goes black for loading. If ever someone wants to explain to me possible solutions, then please try not to make it complicated, since as I said, I was never really good with these kind of things.

I can give the specs of my PC below, I'm just gonna look it up at Config->CPU in my Emulator.

FAMILY:AMD Athlon™ II X2 250 Processor
Directx11, though I only see Directx10 in the Graphics setting.

That's prolly all there is to know. If you guys need more specifics then leave a comment. Thanks.

*Also when I try to save game using F1, my emulator crashes all the time. I don't know why.
Note: I can play Star Ocean, but by playing I mean 5-10 FPS. lol


*Sorry if I put it in the wrong section!

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I suggest you use the latest beta and read the configuration guide.
Please post your PCSX2 0.9.7 settings, plugin settings and the EE/GS% numbers in the game window when you get slowdowns so we can help better.

There used to be a problem with star ocean 3 which I think it's what you have but it should be working fine in the beta unless you're using some weird combination of plugins, if you want you can try with the GSdx 0.1.7 version of the plugin:
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Thanks for actually bothering to help out. Real life saver. Though I gotta ask a favor, could you pick out the actual stuff I download. Cause I have like a lot of PCSX2 folders/files present atm. And I don't want to confuse myself with the things I download. Currently I'm using PCSX0.9.7.3876m(svn). I forgot where I got that. Also, let me just look for a save point. I'm actually on Star Ocean atm. On 16
Basically I get slowdowns when it loads to particular screen, ie when you use the Transporter, when you're in the corridor with Sofia after she drags your arm (it went down to 12 -_-) lol. When I'm at the Gratier Resort Hotel area, I get full FPS 59.88-60.36.

As far as the setting goes, here it is:


That's probably about it. I hope I can play at good resolution w/ less/minimal lag/delay. Thanks Shadow Lady <3
Feel free to ask any information regarding settings and what you need to know, I'll gladly repost again.
Uh... so anything improved? What did you try? Did you try the GSdx 0.1.7 plugin?
You still didn't post your plugin settings and please use a better file sharer to show images, something like imgur or simply attach the files when you add a reply here (with the big "ADD REPLY" button).
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
@Shadow Lady: Thanks Shadow Lady! I switched to the GSdx 0.1.7 on the Plugins and it worked! It's at a constant 58-61 FPS, even in loading screens! Hopefully this'll keep up until the end of the game, so I can play smoothly. Before I get too over excited, anything I should worry about in particular?
Aside from that, thanks a bunch! Laugh

PS: Check your mail! ^_^
Just a few slowdowns when using the gears, but it should be fine.
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