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Tekken Tag Stage code [NTSC U/C]
(03-27-2009, 01:16 AM)Saiki Wrote: ok, so let's try this again..

E0970F76 0000000f
1A970F76 00000013

right? then I's have to do:

would that probably work? (I'm not at home to test it yet) (if formatting isn't right, don't wory, I'll fix that at home)

I don't know what format this code is(CodeBreaker,RAW...).
1A970F76 000000XX
When I convert it from CB to RAW I get
105F665E 000000XX
And if this is correct then your code will be
E05F665E 0000000F
105F665E 00000013
E05F665E 00000010
105F665E 00000013
and if I follow the guide the final code will be

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I'll give that a shot when I get home, thanks
I searched for Tekken4 cheats through pcsx2's internal finder, and to my surprise i learnt the memory locations for different cheats were the same EmuHaste/PHaste. e.g. Stage Modifier memory location was the same. Although I spent hours on finding a successful stage modifier location for Tekken Tag but it wont work. May be it uses IOP memory instead of EE (i dont know many technical details about that , so not sure)
it vtlb crashes it, been searching, had no luck
Saiki, I also spent over 3 hours , searched bot EE and IOP memories. no luck. couldn't find a working internal memory location that holds the stage value. You can use my Tekken5 stage patch though (its in the patches thread of /General Discussion of this forum).

If you need the tekken4 stage patch. let me know. Tekken Tag is a pain in the neck at the moment though :|
I don't have T5 yet, was tg I was concerned with, but I'll use flathead 0.9.5 SVN 377 for now I guess.

I spent about 6 doing the same, no luck for me either.
Yeah 377 is a nice build for TTT, stick to it Smile
I've like 3 PCSX2 shortcuts in my quicklaunch since some games were much better in specific builds. The latest 791 beta is great for T5 though. Try it once you get the game.

Talking about wasted hours Laugh , just add another 3 to my account Smile .. Been messing with the damn T5 from 2am to 5am trying to find character codes so i could play with JinPachi. So far the result== fail. I did find a value that controls the selection box on the "Player Select" screen. But even if you choose a high value like 35, it keeps looping between the already present characters only. Angry
I cin find that value using the PSP one I think, it has jinpachi hidden lol both parts of him

and I have 0.9.4 - latest all on my desktop lol

edit: if you have the base code I can see what PSP has as the hex, it's a port anyway.
(03-28-2009, 04:10 AM)Saiki Wrote: I cin find that value using the PSP one I think, it has jinpachi hidden lol both parts of him

and I have 0.9.4 - latest all on my desktop lol

edit: if you have the base code I can see what PSP has as the hex, it's a port anyway.

Can you provide the character codes for T5 ?

may be it'll be the same as the psp one. it'll be easy to find memory location for characters if the codes are used against each chosen character..
here's the codes I pulled from the PSP the psp chars might be hidden in the PS2 one, idk, but there are other exclusives I marked with "(psp ex)" if they're different, just adjust the hex list accordingly:

003789b8 Character Change Address (encrypted on psp I'm sure)

0 Paul
1 Paul - oc
2 Law
3 Law - oc
4 Law - 1c (psp ex)
5 Lei
6 Lei - oc
7 King
8 King - oc
9 Yoshimitsu
a Yoshimitsu - oc
b Yoshimitsu - 1c (psp ex)
c Nina
d Nina - oc
e Hwoarang
f Hwoarang -oc
10 Xaiou
11 Xaiou - oc
12 Xaiou - 1c
13 Xaiou - 2c (psp ex?)
14 Xaiou - 3c (psp ex)
15 Christie
16 Christie - oc
17 Eddy
18 Eddy - oc
19 Jin
1a Jin - oc
1b Jin - 1c
1c Julia
1d Julia - oc
1e Kuma
1f Kuma - oc
20 Bryan
21 Bryan - oc
22 Heihachi
23 Heihachi - oc
24 Kazuya
25 Kazuya - oc
26 Lee
27 Lee - oc
28 Lee - 1c
29 Steve
2a Steve - oc
2b Marduk
2c Marduk - 0c
2d Mokujin
2e Mokujin - oc
2f Jack-5
30 Jack-5 - oc
31 Roger Jr.
32 Roger Jr. - oc
33 Anna
34 Anna - oc
35 Anna - 1c (psp ex?)
36 Wong
37 Wong - oc
38 Ganryu
39 Ganryu - oc
3a Ganryu - 1c (psp ex)
3b Asuka
3c Asuka - oc
3d Asuka - 1c
3e Auska - 2c (psp ex)
3f Bruce
40 Bruce - oc
41 Bruce - 1c (psp ex)
42 Baek
43 Baek - oc
44 Devil Jin
45 Devil Jin - oc
46 Raven
47 Raven - oc
48 Raven - 1c (psp ex)
49 Feng
4a Feng - oc

PSP Chars:
4b Armor King
4c Armor King - oc
4d Lili
4e Lili - oc
4f Dragunov
50 Dragunov - oc
51 Jinpachi M
52 Jinpachi M
53 Jinpachi H
54 Jinpachi H
55 Dummy (says Paul)

hope this helps out

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