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Transparency problem with GSdx software renderer
Thanks, any chance this will be fixed in the final 0.9.9 release?

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Ask Gabest. Did you read what shadow lady said. Tongue2
Don't count on it, no one seems to be working on this.
For now simply use that older version.
But why go backwards with the software renderer instead of advancing forward or at least not introduce bugs in it?
That's how development is, you fix 1 thing and something else breaks. It's not as easy as you make it to be.
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Yeah! When making a game when i try to remove a bug in animation/coding etc, thousands of other errors are seen like charaters behaving abnormally, or don't move at all(after the fix). Then I have to go back to the previous code and re-code the whole game and somehow manages to be fine. Laugh
Seems there was a bug and Gabest swiftly found and fixed it Smile
Fixed in r4975 so closing this.
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Bugs will always appear in one place or another, and the fact that one(or more) game(s) work does not mean all of them will work.

BTW: You forgot to actually close the topic.

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