Unresponsive Controls
Of course I'm new to this but it seems pretty straight-forward. I linked all of the buttons on my new Logitech controller to the corresponding buttons but right at the main menu of Ace Combat 5 I couldn't even get anywhere since the only responsive control was the left stick. Every other button as far as I could tell was unresponsive.

Am I retarded, is there a solution to this, or am I going to have to send this thing back?

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What is the exact name of the controller ? Have you installed the right driver for it ? If so, tested the integrated windows control panel if the buttons are working right ? PCSX2 version used ?
Logitech F310 Gamepad


All of the buttons work when tested in configuration.

I have no idea, the latest one I guess. Windows of course.
If you're using Dinput, switch to Xinput works much better, and instead of bothering to set keys use Pokopom - new pad plugin by KrossX. Works briliantly with any Xinput pads, logitech included and doesn't need any configuration.
I found some settings again and switched to lillypad, it seems to work perfectly fine.

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