XInput Wrapper for DS3 and USB Dual DS2 Controller
yea i'm using w7 and the same thing that you are showing in the screenshots is happening here, well at lest this fifa 13 it doesn't let me re-map the buttons you change X-A and stuff like that but like some buttons are in R3 i cant change it, in dark souls is the same is there anyway to know what kind of input is the game using? the two games are games for windows live. although in "SCPUser.exe" the mapping is the correct one

Hopefully there is a way to change it because your drivers seens more "clean" that the ones that motionjoy uses

I hope you can understand since english is not mi native i may have a few mistakes

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It is quite easy to see which input method is being used in Windows 7.

1. Start Task Manager.
2. Select the Performance tab.
3. Click the Resource Monitor button.
4. Start your game.
5. Alt-Tab to the Resource Monitor window.
6. Click the CPU tab.
7. Select the name of your game executable in the Processes list. (sample shows executable for Batman:Arkham Asylum).
8. Click column header Module Name in Associated Modules list (twice - to show in descending order)
9. Note the version of XInput shown (if there is no XInput dll shown - scroll down to find DInput)

Sample for Batman: Arkham Asylum -

Let me know the results.
well for me this is wierd the game is using DInput.dll and XInput1_3.dll

Well now i have less idea what could be happening

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Looks like it is trying to use XInput, not finding any attached controllers, then falling back to DInput.

So drop the bin\Win32\XInput1_3.dll in to the same directory as Data.exe. (looks like C:\Program Files (x86)\Namco Bandai Games\Dark Souls) [don't use the bin\Win64\XInput1_3.dll - your game is 32bit and requires the 32bit dll].
well i have just try that and with dark souls no luck still "A" is in R3, O in "Start", i have try now with fifa 13 and in that one is better but during menus the game is taking the up button like if it where R2, L2 is using the same funtion as start also R3 is doing the same but at least now is better in fifa 13

just one thing to make sure i install this right maybe i make a mistake or something i download "XInput-Wrapper-SCP-" thats the one? then i install "SCPFilterDriver" the program at the end show success so i unplug the ds3 plug again and now is only 1 light on at the top like in the ps3.

But anyway at least fifa is more playable so if you dont know what else could it be no worries

Edit: Well i just downloaded x360ce that is a emulator to use controllers as the 360, now with that program i can re-map the buttons and the program creates a xinput with fifa 13 the only problem now is that is not taking the dpad but all the rest works perfect but with dark souls no luck still even with this one

But anyway thanks Scarlet.Crush for the drivers without those i still would be lost

Edit 2: Well all problems are solve turns out the dpad was not maped well but now it works perfect, with dark souls turns out that x360ce download a profile for every game to map the buttons automatically that it didn't work so i re-map all the buttons again and now works perfect so for me the best combo is your drivers with x360ce you can re-map all with that and it creates the xinput.dll

So thanks again Scarlet.Crush for the great drivers and for all the help
Good to hear you found a working solution.
From browsing around the web, it looks like Dark Souls just has a bonkers default XInput button mapping (eg Heavy Attack mapped to Start), with no in-game method of re-mapping.

For games like this, if you want to use your DS3 - install the filter driver (enables DInput), use X360CE to map your buttons to a sensible layout (DInput -> XInput).

@Squall: would you agree with this observation?
Never heard of that. As far as I know, Dark Souls has the same X360 control scheme when using an X360 controller on PC. Wiki-Controls
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
The Wiki-Controls only shows keyboard mappings for the PC version.

Sample from Gamefaqs forum.

I don't have the game myself, but seems to be the same issue that saekh was seeing.
Seems a weird issue but not the norm.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]

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