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ZZogl -- Zero GS KOSMOS fork
I don't know. It should be possible with some work with vcproj file (needed files should be included).

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i was always with zerogs than directx plugin i feel opengl can do better work than dx

anyway plz man we need you keep the good working

by the way u know the issuses in sonic unleashed and jackychan adventure and digimon rumble arena 2????

thanx man
No, I haven't. I does not own this games. What's the issues?
Great!Another plugin.Good Luck with it.I prefer OpenGL more than DirectX

legends8 Wrote:i was always with zerogs than directx plugin i feel opengl can do better work than dx
100% agreed.DirectX is by MS so it fails.OpenGL is far better and stable in my view
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Ok, let's stop posting useless things ok? For those you can go over to the chatterbox. This is a support forum
wow, just noticed this plugin, keep up the great work on this Wink going to try and compile on windows see if I can Wink

yeah well no luck Wink tried compiling rev 42 and i get

1>..\targets.cpp(20) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Cg/cg.h': No such file or directory

and other header files missing Wink
Really? And you was able to compile ZeroGS OGL?

Maybe this guide will help?
well i was NOT able to compile it, but there's like 2 header files it's missing, i'll take a look at that link you posted Wink
ok i added the include for Cg file, but there's a lot of errors floating around now Wink i updated the svn to 45 and there's around 300 errors while compiling like :

1>C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\include\GL/gl.h(1157) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'glBindTexture'

i guess you're still modifying the files Smile

whoops sorry about the double post Sad
This is still OpenGL library. But this one is known: somewhere I should add Windows.h linbrary before gl.h. What was the file, it trying to compile? zerogs.h from targets.cpp? Then add

#include <windows.h>

here, at line 27, for example.

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