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ZZogl -- Zero GS KOSMOS fork
But my pc is a very new one, and i've got windows vista....maybe i've configure it wrong, what should be the programs?
i have to change the graphics, for more speed? or other thing?


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Anyone else have the version number being updated but no files added or changed when they check the svn?
It's okey -- revision number could be changed because of hidden from users part. Ignore such "revisions".
Ahh okay I just thought it strange that it jumped 5 revisions but no files or comments were added.
I installed nVidia Cg Toolkit 2.1, February 2009 Release and finally got this plugin to work. Graphics in many games look much better and sharper than GSDX DX10 but everything is incredibly slow. Is it my ATI card (4870) fault? OpenGL is much better on nVidia, right?
No, it's not card fault. Hard to tell, why it so slow -- I think it could be windows openGL realisation. And speed was not optimized yet.
By the way, it seems that in r105 I was able to fix Star Wars: Force Unleashed picture. There is some garbage still on screen, and game is VERY slow. Also I brocke game hints, but game is playable.
O'k, I found one issue abiout OpenGL, and does not know what to do with it: OpenGL wants to keep all framebuffer attachments the same size. What does it means? All frames render to viewport should have exact same size, wich is not possible -- PS2 have an opportunity to change this value on fly. And later OGL specifications remove this hindrance, but drivers still does not have this fix.

This issue made a lot of slowdowness for OpenGL, and I not sure what to do with it.
Hello I post ZZogl R109 for windows (lol).

ZZOgl.dll R109

And I do not know but if you know but watch it :
[Image: attachment.php?aid=16041]

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Yes, I fix FFX issue. There was a bug with bitwise array (that pass to shader as 1024*1 texture), so all region repeat textures have color of point (0,0).

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