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can someone help(PCSX2's ClassName)
when i ues the tools software which name is spy++ to get the ClassName of PCSX2 , then return value is "wxWindowClassNR" , but how can i sure it is the right one ,because all of the window of PCSX2 seem have a same ClassName ,that is called "wxWindowClassNR" , can anybody help me ?
sorry for my poor english and thanks.

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Which window you want to be active\exist before executing your code...the main window,the console or the Game window?
thank you for your reply , i want to know the game window's ClassName.
You mean like this? If so, try the following steps.


1. Find all parent window handles having the "wxWindowClassNR" class name.
2. In this case, you can find three window handles: 0015065A, 0002077A and 000A0764.
3. Compare the leftmost window text of them with a string "GSdx".
4. It's what you want. In this case, the window handle is 0015065A.

Quote:wc.lpszClassName = "GSWndDX";

It depends on which language you are using.
For AutoHotkey,you can use for example

#IfWinActive,GSdx |
Msgbox,Loading Save state
thanks for all replies of yours , i will try it. thank you again.

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