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mortal kombat shaolin monks
(06-08-2013, 06:22 PM)Dante3hs Wrote: Thats why motioninjoy is bad.

Ps3 controllers dont have an analog button.

Thanks For let me know Smile

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yeh i cleared every thing on motioninjoy but still...

and what u mean by analog button?
Some controllers (including the dualshock 2 for ps2) have an analog button on them to allow the analog sticks to be used. As I sais before though, ps3 dualshock 3s dont have an analog button.
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Sorry bro dante recently told me there is no analog button on Ps3 controller.
I think u not installed scarlet driver yet & messing with only motionjoy to get it working.
I'm telling u this grabage software giving everyone problems.
Now all using scarlet's driver & they're happy.
If u don't getting how to use scarlet's driver.ask on that thread link which i gave u.
I'm sure someone will help u there !
i deleted the motioninjoy and i installed the scarlet driver its still messed up!
okay can u check it in devices & printers ?
is u'r all buttons working there ?
don't know about ps3 controllers,but for my ps2 dualshock i do that !
still.. messed up
i tried every thing..
Do one thing install sacarlet's driver on u'r friend's computer to see what is the problem ?
Whether problem in u'r computer or in controller !
i will try my brother's computer

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