valkyrie profile 2 bclack bars
Did anyone ever find out a solution? Searched for it with no luck. Trying the game with 0.9.8 and the black bars in cutscenes are still there. Any help?

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Tried software rendering? Or the Alpha hack?
uh what?

PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? Screenshots of your problem?
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Sorry, i thought it was already a famouse bug. Software rendering gets them off, but what is that alpha hack?
Here is the link to the same problem i got---->
Edit - So I put UserHacks_AlphaHack=1 in the inni and problem solved? Gonna try it out in a sec.
Edit 2 - It worked! But one question: What exactly is alpha hack? I know its for fog issues, but does it affect negativly the grsphics of the game in any other aspect? Should i just leave it on the whole game?
F9 (Software Rending) work for my in cutscene and skipdraw 1 for more FPS (no graphical errors)
It`s a bif off topic but have you found a way to remove the woods graphic bugs for that game? I beat the game 1 year ago but don`t remember the version of the PCSX2... used to play on the minimap in the woods. However it`s a worthy one to play...

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