why cant i use direct3d10?
sorry i've been trying to figure this out all day so i came to the forum. i have the latest directX and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package downloaded and installed. but i can only use the renderers called direct3d9 and direct3d11. not 10. direct 9 and 11 give me terrible slow downs while im playing samurai warriors 2 XL and make the game unplayable for me. i've followed all the instructions here http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-GSdx but nothings working : (
also i cant use SSE4, but i think i read thats because im using AMD? SSE2 might be why im slowing down also Wacko

any help for my newb self is greatly appreciated. thanks!

im using pcsx2 5326

im on windows 7 64 bit
amd phenom II x4 955
8gigs ddr3
Radeon HD 5850

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Actually, DX10 are pretty much the same as DX11...

So, even though you have access to DX10 (which you can't coz your GPU is DX11 compatible), you probably won't see any difference...
DX10 and DX11 is the same(no difference as Archerko mentioned)
thus DX11 is automatically in use.
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so i should always use direct 11 over 10? whenever i see someone saying which settings they used for a ps2 game im interested in its always 10. i'll try fiddling with the direct3d11 settings some more, since i've spent 95% of my time with 9. thanks!
About your CPU, you are only limited to SSE2 because:

1. SSSE3, your processor supports SSE3 which is missing one S, and it was obviously not the same thing...

2. SSE41, you can't use this too as your CPU have up to SSE4a extension, and also not the same as SSE4.1
thanks a ton for clearing that up. now i have to figure out how to use this pcsx 2 wide screen helper. i have yet to find any instructions on that. could anyone be of help on this? i just boot up the widescreen helper and check mark samurai warriors 2. i think its widescreen now, but i see lines going down my screen in a few places full time. is that normal for this? or did i goof up? lol. thanks again for your time.
thats normal when using custom resolutions, you will have to play with it to find a resolution which doesnt do it.
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are there any resolutions that always work? i found it weird that i used the same resolution settings as the video showed from the pcsx2's youtube for samurai warriors XL and i got the lines going down my screen and they didnt :/ back to fiddling with resolutions
Just use the one I've made for the game:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thats what im using ^_^ no matter what resolution i try though, with the widescreen helper program on, theres a few lines going down the screen that are barely visible. big thanks with d3d11 earlier fps is very smooth now, almost running perfect!

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