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Full Version: PCSX2 - When Idle -> PC crash
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In case you were wondering why I wasn't online these 2 minutes, my PC crashed. No worries, I'm alive and kicking and so is my PC... To skip the jokes, here's my main concern, sorry for opening a new topic, but I didn't find something similar around.

8/8 times today my PC froze because the PCSX2 was running (no game loaded, just the EMU and the console were active) and idle, and I had to restart it. The sound (I always listen to music while working) became that irritating half seconds loop, and obviously the PC was unresponsive. It took me 5 crashes to realize it is due to leaving the emulator running without doing anything on it.

I can say for certain it is because of the active emulator, because my PC is otherwise top notch, crash-proof, and I could nearly bet my life on it.

It seems like the idle emu blocks the RAM memory, or something else, because the cpu was ice cold, barely breathing while browsing the forum.

I know this is quite general, but I don't wish to go through another 8 crashes, to really confirm this.... I repeat, the situation is that the PC freezes if the emulator is started, but not doing anything... The emu is 0.9.6 (not a beta).

Any similar cases?
Everything is fine here when I leave it open without game running/with game running for hours.
So, I'm pretty sure it's not PCSX2 but rather your system config which maybe in conflict with whatever PCSX2 is doing (although it shouldn't do anything when idle).

P.S. And yea, I did it on several PCs several times, on WinXp, Win7, whatever.
Well, I know that, but it just so happens I never used it before like I do now (while testing a game... I take screenshots, browse the forum, and return to the emulator, change settings, run the game, exit the game, and again)... Hard to be exact, but let's say after 20 minutes of being idle, it froze my PC ... Of course I can't be 100% sure, but I haven't made any changes/updates to my PC, it is virus free, and working like a clock... I guarantee it... Not that I'm doubting the emu, but I'm saying, if it's just a possibility, than this is starting to be a serious problem...
it doesn't happen for me at all, I leave the rum, pcsx2 running for 4 hrs, come back and it's fine. what PC specs, and settings are you using (power options) and is it XP or vista?
You can see my specs in my profile. As for the power options, click on the link in my signature, and you'll see a post there that has my current settings.
talking about PC settings, not PCSX2, there's a failure in your Vista somewhere, let's see if we can't find it
Well, it is possible, but unlikely. Like I've said, I used the emulator for a long time now, but it was never unattended, when I was done playing, I exited it. Today was the first time it was idle for a period of time. All other apps work normally on my PC, and I haven't changed anything in the last month at least (except updating to the latest DirectX, but I doubt it would be the trouble maker)... I'll do it the hard way, continue testing, and if you notice I'm not on-line, that means my PC crashed again... Tongue
it's still best you check your error reports and see what Vista has to say about it. I would also tweak the power settings if it's a desktop
I've left PCSX2 on with a game running for hours and it didn't crash. It's not PCSX2's problem. Is your computer overclocked? If so, most likely your OC is unstable.
(04-16-2009, 10:38 PM)vborovic Wrote: [ -> ]8/8 times today my PC froze because the PCSX2 was running (no game loaded, just the EMU and the console were active) and idle, and I had to restart it.

There are few true impossibilities in the world of computers, but the idea of an idle Pcsx2 gui hard crashing your computer would nearly qualify as one. As the word 'idle' implies, pcsx2 does little more than sleep and pump Windows messages while idle. This is the same thing all programs do.

To clarify: Does this happen when having loaded/exited a game and left the emu idle, or even when just starting the program and leaving it idle (without having executed any game)?
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