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Auto-Boot and Pre-Configure Games Separately
(08-16-2017, 06:30 PM)DMB77 Wrote: So I managed to fix the problem.  Pretty simple solution actually, I started the game from my shortcut, hit escape reconfigured my usb plug ins(nuvee) and then went back into the game.  All works fine now, thanks for your suggestions.  Smile

Looks like I spoke too soon.  When launching from the created shortcut, all the configurations inside my custom game inis folder are loaded EXCEPT nuvee_ps2_usb_guncon1.ini, nuvee_ps2_usb_guncon2.ini, and nuvee_ps2_usb_main.ini.  This is a big issue seeing as how the light gun controls are configured differently for each game.  I have to reconfigure my usb (nuvee ps2 usb.dll) each time. Any idea what's causing this?

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Can a Pre-Configure Games Separately run in game status with a shortcut key ?
Remain the example on 1st post for Final Fantasy X
Setting 8-bit texture to fix Demi casting magic slow down or subtitle but 8-bit will also affect graphic glitch such as battle boss are facing backwards.
While setting Clamping Mode to "Full" , VUs tab Clamping Mode to 'Extra + Preserve Sign' will cause slow down.

How do I configure it something similar with short cut key F9 switching software/hardware mode.
Setting a special shortcut key "Shift+1" for instant to switch between disable/enable hacks or (8bits) and Claming mode.
Really hard to keep up shutting down the game and reconfig and restart for every boss battle.

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