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Custom Shaders for GSdx
New shader! Yet another color "correction" one. This is the result of messing around with photoshop trying to get a look similar to a CRT I've been using.

[Image: Gv2S2Fn.png]
[Image: 2yKI6HJ.png]

Gallery: PCSX2 | DuckStation. Different shader value used as some games get blown out quicker than others.

@Mad_Minstrel: You should see the errors in the console. It's the usual shader compilation error. You can "reload" the shader by pause/resume (ESC) so you can quickly fix bugs or test changes. As far as I know, there's no way to read a previous frame and no way to use final window coords as that is handled by wxWidgets. And about a wiki, I suggest just checking the posted shaders or the included Asmodean suit. If you edit any of my recently used shaders, you'll have the macro setup so the shader works in both d3d and ogl.

Also, if you wanna just try out things, you can always just take a screenshot and mess with it in Shadertoy or similar then try to port it.

#EDIT: New version, it's a curve fit instead. I think it looks quite better, less overblown highlights.

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[Image: nbKSK.jpg]

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How do I get other shaders besides GSDX_FX to work? I've downloaded 3 other shaders (4xGLSLHqFilter smart shader, AMD CAS Sharpening and AA shader 4.0-sharp) and none of them will load. What's curious to me is that GSDX is the only shader, that I have, that has an ini config file. I'm very confused lol. I've tried the other shader.fx files by themselves without a path set to config file because they don't have one, but yeah, nothing loads. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PCSX2 1.7.0-dev-1827 (a fairly recent build) using OpenGL backend.

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