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DS4Windows - J2K
hello i have and old ds4 controller and dont recognize the triangle and square button, any idea?

i have a newer versio of ds4 and no issues.. booth controller works fine with ps4

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Hi guys,

I had DS4Windows-J2K installed and used it with my DS4 controller on my PC. However my DS4 controller broke recently and I bought an xbox one wireless controller. I have uninstalled DS4Windows, the Vigem bus driver and even used the SCP toolkit to uninstall all drivers. The issue is that my xbox one wireless controller works flawlessly when connected via usb, but when it's connected through bluetooth it works on websites like but doesn't work in any games. I assume it's because of some DS4 drivers still left behind that emulate the controller. Please can someone give me some tips on how to completely wipe all DS4 stuff and fix this?

edit: followed this and it helped:
I have some problems with vibration on my DS4. Vibration works on PS4 & Witcher 3 game (native DS4 support), but doesn't work via DS4Windows or Steam xinput emulation. It looks like my DS4 has different mechanism to submit force feedback and DS4Windows & Steam don't support it.
Good day everyone and thanks to the dev for offering the option to take advantage of PS4 controllers in the first place

When connecting via bluetooth, why do the controllers pick themselves a random controller #?? I'm frustrated (in this case with Rayman Origins), as sometimes it takes ages to fumble around with the program... as Xinputchecker says another one is controller 4 and another one 1... in the custom game settings I can limit them to two, obviously of no help. usually nothing happens when toying with the second controller in the game. explain this to a relative simpleton. X360 Dynamic etc.

I suppose getting long cables and ditching bluetooth could work wonders.
PS4 controller have lower input latency in bluetooth mode (which is an exception compared to other controllers)
Windows itself handles Xinput IDs which can be quite annoying when it changes itself to the wrong ID without using the previous one, restarting could help. (Guides for everyone > PS4 controllers)
I also have several guides including how to troubleshoot DS4 and make it work. This includes the general steam guide link as well.

I've also added it here below alongside with presets for 1 controller where windows screws up it's IDs. Don't forget to Disable Dinput for DS4 in LilyPad Wink

Latest release on this date (won't get updated on this post) (20 November 2020)

There are also personal DS4Windows presets (Red.xml and NoLightDefault.xml, they aren't anything special mostly default)

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Thanks for the education. What I didn't realize there was a quick pair option. I often manage to get both controllers to function by removing one or both via the device manager. As said, restarting may work (randomly, it appears). I also find the way Origins handles controllers via menus a little bit 'tarded, as great of a game as it is.

Oughta try to walk the Steam route. This is the first time I hear about LilyPad.
Alot of people don't , i found it out by accident. Funnily enough my latest windows doesn't seem to need it anymore or could be a windows driver update. DS4 can be a pain to setup but is a delight when it works, something about symmetric i like, i could use a xbox controller or other assymetric if i wanted to. LilyPad is only for Windows, Onepad (legacy) is for Linux.
My Sony PS4/PS5 Controller disconnecting using Bluetooth adapter, latest DS4Windows and Windows 10. With USB cable works fine. Any solution?
(11-28-2020, 10:18 AM)Sandi1987 Wrote: My Sony PS4/PS5 Controller disconnecting using Bluetooth adapter, latest DS4Windows and Windows 10. With USB cable works fine. Any solution?

Ryochan version, Fireshock, Steam.
3 solutions
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what are the further plans for Dualsense?

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