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DS4Windows - J2K
Can someone help me? I have a Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 1, and Ds4 is not recognizing him

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(08-29-2020, 06:35 PM)Lamar_vannoy Wrote: I too am having this connection problem listed above my reply. Just started after the newest update (8/29/20), looking for a solution. Also, my ds4windows NEVER saves my changes like light bar settings and when to disconnect from bluetooth. No matter what i do everytime i use the program i have to change these settings back to what they were, it never remembers my settings.

I fix my connection issue simply by uninstalling and reinstalling the program which i was able to delete through the settings in the ds4 windows box to open its "containing folder" and then deleted it from the root there. Then reinstalled the program and it stayed.

But i still don't understand why the program wont save my settings. I set the settings to disconnect from BT when i stop the controller and i have a specific color saved for the light bar but every time i reopen it from the pc being off its erased. Need a solution for this.
No longer works after the latest update.
Is it possible to give us a 2-stage trigger feature? For instance, used for a zoom scope:

L2 at 5% - 59% = Right click (press & hold)
L2 increased to 60% - 100% = 'Z' key (press and release once)
L2 returns to 5% - 59% = 'X' key (press and release once)
L2 returns to 0% - 5% = Right click (release)
So i've been using ds4 windows for 2 days now and have a problem with latency spikes on bluetooth. What happens is that im playing a game normally and then the DS4 light starts flashing red and my inputs barely register, my controller can be at any percent and that still happens. Does anyone know what i can do about it, other than using a cable
playing BOTW again after about a year, and ... the motion control update is  good  amazing! The difference between night day! and whatever you did to fix the bluetooth is appreciated cause now when i disconnect the wire and press power it connects without me having to go back into bluetooth and disconnect/reconnect! all your hard work is appreciated thank you very much! Laugh thanks for keeping up the good work! Love you guys! no-homo.
for tekken, to reset practice position you need to hold "share" and press "cross"
I tried to make a macro "swipe up" = hold "share" and press "cross"
but it doesn't work, any help ?

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