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It's my own rasterizer, nothing like d3d, but works like any other scanline renderer. CUDA will be generalized in DX11 as compute shaders, but I'm not sure how to take advantage of it yet. A little serial code is required to manage the state/textures and interpolate the edges of the primitives, that cannot be done on the gpu. But it's already looking much better than a simple pixel shader, any buffer can be read or written at any location, swizzling and read-and-modify effects like destination alpha test, write bitmasks, or the weird alpha blending modes can be implemented there. The dx10 "lines" may have many reasons, the different pixel center, upscaling, float/integer conversion, it's hard to get texture sampling right Tongue.

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It was all the same in the last few versions, just made the software renderer faster each time.
Is it possible to get a fix for Rogue Galaxy any time soon ( i heard this happen to other games, only happen in videos of past event or flashbacks), it would be enough if it work correctly on software mode since it is close to real ps2, this would make Rogue Galaxy on pcsx2 exactly like it is on ps2. here the pics on Dx9 hardware, Dx10 hardware and Dx10 Software.

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i don't know if anyone has reported this or not, but oh well..

little glitch in FFXII, it also happens in other places

if it's useful i can upload these other places (the ones that i know and have access)

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Hi Gabest.

I played with PCSX2 a little, and it looks like FFXII PAL videos have some issues with either your plugin or something behind the scenes in PCSX2, probably both.

SW mode is fine, however HW mode creates problems like black frames, and miss aligned frames. (Bunch of vertical stripes shifted with respect to each other.)

Do you have any idea how to repair it? Can you compile your plugin with SSE2 instructions disabled and use switch FPTongue2recise? (I don't have MFC headers and import libraries on my computer.)

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Glitchs on Fatal Frame around the ghost.

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Hello everyone!

I don't know if i'm here right... but i would like to ask... GSdx is allso a PS1 GPU plugin.
Is there a way how you limit the FPS? Because the FPS shoot up to 1000 and more...


Ps. GREAT WORK!!! ^^
(01-22-2009, 03:09 AM)LuisR14 Wrote: yea, but probably it's just being programmed for pcsx2.
No, it's programmed specifically for PS1 emulators.
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heya Gabest
how 'bout a number or something to show which savestate is activated if one changes savestates or saves?
I mean in the video screen not the console ^^ that would be way easier
for a short time would be fine ^^ half a second or something like that ^^
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Haunting ground was finally fix0red, and crash wrath of cortex too (sw mode only), but they had unrelated problems. Not in svn yet.


Wanted to implement that sometime later, if you are asking about ps1, since pcsx2 doesn't give any info about it.


Are you using epsxe 1.7.0?

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