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Gsdx Hardware Rendering problem
Quote:And another small problem with FFX. Hopefully this is as easy a fix as the last several I've come up with. The first second or so of the battle transition animation is squished up in the upper-left hand corner and only displaying a fraction of it. Similarly, Auron's overdrive pop-up is shifted a bit to the upper-left and only displays the upper-left quarter of the pop-up. Which makes it impossible to see the key sequence.
Steel can you generate me a gs file. Press CTRL-SHIFT-F8 and keep CTRL pressed 1/2 seconds. The gs will be generated in your snap directory.

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@ rama: I was more curious than anything else. I suppose the worst thing right now is that there's no pulse output and the alsa output doesn't play nicely. The SDL patch should bandage that for now, though. But with pulse becoming so prevalent, a direct pulse output would be really nice to have (yes, I realize portaudio doesn't support it).

@DaTankAC: I actually found my problem with that. I had the EE Cyclerate speedhack cranked. When I brought it down to 2, things synced back up. Still a bit off, but not enough to send me off in convulsions like before. Tongue

@ gregory: Okay, I'll grab that next time I see it. May be another day, though.


Edit: Okay, got the gs for the bug during Auron's overdrive. I also included the bmp screenshot it generated. And you weren't kidding about the uncompressed size of these things... Glad it compresses well.

Attached Files
.xz   ffx_auron_overdrive_bug.tar.xz (Size: 3,97 MB / Downloads: 188)
This is how the GS dump looks under Direct3D (Windows):
I got the same with the AMD free driver. So
1/ either the trace is wrong (cache), need to get enough time to play the beginning of ffX. Or it depends on some options.
2/ either it is a bug on nvidia (curious on the Nvidia/opengl/Windows status)
3/ I fixed the bug with my pending cleaning code update (unlikely)

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