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(03-12-2011, 09:57 AM)aether11 Wrote: Thanks for the help guys, but now after I got home I made sure of my pc's specs, I have directx 11 and checked for udates but there are none for directx so now I'm really confused. Could there be another problem?

Having DX11 doesn't mean you don't need to update(not to DX12,13 or somethings else but to a newer version that contains new files that are not part of your current DX installation)

To make it simple,if you don't have the file D3DX9_43.dll in your C:\Windows\System32 directory,then you don't have the newest directx

I don't know if this problem still exist but I experience before a problem with the web's like it's downloading/installing something but the process finish way too fast and the end result was that nothing was updated.After I experience that problem,I never tried to use the web installer again(I'm downloading the whole installation and then install it)

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Ok I tried updating again but web installer doesn't work, for some reason my connection is lost. I tried looking for updates in other places but found nothing, and when I check windows updates there is still no updates for directx, what do I do now?
Download and install this
If your connection is bad,you better use some download manager to download it.
That doesn't seem to be working either. Ok let me ask this what files are in the directx updates? I found a site where I can download the dll files but I need to know all the file names.
you can't just get dll for directX, it need to be installed as a whole. Search directly at MS sites if you can't get direct access for any reason.
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I don't mean to be rude but I tried all of the suggestions but nothing is working this looks like my last option, I downloaded the d3dx9_43.dll and now I don't get the error message saying the d3dx9_43.dll could not be found, it just tells me to update directx libraries.
So, it needs updated directX to at least the same build the emulator was developed. Sorry but I don't know workaround to this. You need to find a copy somewhere.
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Do a search in google for the runtimes... here let me save you the typing for a search:
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Thanks but as I mentioned before the file is to big, can I download the zip file somewhere.
Just find a way to download and install that 95MB file.
Even if you use the web installer,he will also download that 95mb file.

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