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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
(08-11-2017, 06:27 AM)Aced14 Wrote: Since the post you quoted, I had made big enhancements to Sonic R's widescreen hacks, but hadn't yet reached a release-worthy state. Then I went MIA from game hacking for several months due to factors beyond my control. It's only very recently that I've started trying to get my setup back into gear to pick up from where I left off. Release date is still TBD.

Here's where things currently stand...

New features:
  • Sonic R:
    • Added full support for menu screens (including 3D FOV hacks and repositioning all 2D text/HUDs I could find).
    • Not a feature, but I reported a PCSX2 bug that was previously preventing foreground objects from appearing in multiplayer modes. Once it got resolved, I was able to look into multiplayer widescreen hacks.
    • Added full support for 2 player horizontal splitscreen.
    • Added partial support for 2 player vertical splitscreen. Although it's not working properly with my ELF hacks at the moment. Might need to use supplemental E-type codes as a workaround.
    • Horizontally-repositioned the spinning 3D "R" logo in replays.
    • Can't recall if @Esppiral's hacks already did these, but the title and loading screens' 3D objects are now in widescreen. Although the title screen's 3D objects look a bit off compared to that screen's stretched background image.

  • Sonic R:
    • Propose implementing a change into PCSX2 to enhance how it handles type 0 pnaches in multi-ELF games. Without it, part of my ELF hacks won't work. Not sure how feasible it would be to work around the need for this change via other means (like extra E-type codes).
    • Fix 2 player vertical splitscreen.
    • Possibly other things.

  • Sonic the Fighters:
    • Try dealing with ELF hacks and E-type codes to inject them (or @Esppiral's "live" memory hacks) into memory.

  • Other:
    • Logistics involved in making a release (i.e. more testing, finalizing hacks, cleaning up pnach comments, changelog, notes, comparison screenshots, etc...).

Thx man! Keep up the good work! Laugh

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for sonic the fighters I did get a glitchy ELF hack that is hor+. the 2nd line of esppiral's hack hacks the arcade ROM to zoom out the camera. vert- is possible with little glitches and an ELF hack.



2003-Nen Kaimaku - Ganbare Kyuukaiou


50 Cent - Bulletproof (added more font fix)

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.zip (Size: 3,64 KB / Downloads: 20)

Twin Caliber


Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin

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.zip (Size: 1,88 KB / Downloads: 14)
Has anybody released the widescreen pnach file for Manhunt 2?

Dark Angel - Vampire Apocalpse

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.zip   Dark Angel - Vampire Apocalpse (NTSC-K & NTSC-U).zip (Size: 1,27 KB / Downloads: 9)
(03-20-2014, 03:08 AM)peronmls Wrote: OK heres the scaled HUD codes for Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix. 

Things that are scaled:
Command Menu/Item Menu/Magic/Party/Summon
Command Menu Icons
Little Speech bubbles that have "!" "?" and "!?" in them
Lock On Icons
Lock On Plate/[The word "LOCK ON!"]

Things I cannot seem to scale is the round HP and MP bars. If i try to scale them then and move the X coordinates so much it becomes scrambled. I haven't not found another way and a texture hack will not work either. Also the first slots WILL NOT UPDATE for some reason. Need help with that.

There are still a few little icons that are rarely seen that need to be scaled so i will update them sometime.

Hopefully this encourages people to make widescreen HUDs
[Image: BwuEVVL.jpg]
[Image: R7K5EWu.jpg]
[Image: g4X1HYu.jpg]

Is there anything like this for KH2FM? I know there's an HDification mod, but it crashes for me sometimes when I try transforming into Final Form. I don't need higher res, just unstreching the HUD&Command Menu.
Cubic Lode Runner Widescreen Patch.

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.pnach   B818D3C4.pnach (Size: 1,63 KB / Downloads: 16)
I can't find Widescreen patch (.pnach file) for game Onimusha 2 (SLES_509.78) crc=C6EDAAB5
It's exist?
Any chance someone would be interested in putting together a widescreen patch for Slai?

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