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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
All PAL ports are bad/awfully bad ports lol unfortunatly, bloody price we have to pay for living in the EU -.-. If the aspect VP is different for the US version of DDS, the ratio value I have for PAL may need to be changed for the NTSC-U version, yet I can't test it, so one of you will have to.

By the time games reach the EU, they've been code-hacked at least 3 times >.>

Couldn't tell you, PAL games don't support PS (as they fail)

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I wouldn't generalize ;P some pal titles actually were correctly rewritten and had additional content added, for others the game engine was already made to work in pal/ntsc regions to be released at same time and in result some pal games actually have lower requirements on pcsx2. The awfull "fatness" is fairy common through in the more known titles/bestsellers through, at least few of them will get a chance for original looks now;P.
Suprising, even while the value was differently calculated in DDS, it still was around 203xxxxx, have an hour or two, gonna try maybe with Magna Carta, through I tried once already without much luck.

Fail at MC and few other games, but at least Digital Devil Saga 2(NTSC-U) was easy:

.pnach   D382C164.pnach (Size: 120 bytes / Downloads: 837)
had some luck in dot hack / infection with 3F955555 , but only controls the height , need to find the width :XXX
Squaresoft/square enix likes us...

Front Mission 5(NTSC-J):

.pnach   F60255ac.pnach (Size: 94 bytes / Downloads: 784)

Probably same easy to find is FM4, cannot see dvd under hand soo gotta check later.
Gj guys,

Also, I made a miscalculation somewhere regarding DDS. I provided the wrong aspect values lol. This is why it looked stretched. I've now corrected it and changed the screens to reflect the correction, this also fixes the slight ghosting for PAL versions of this game.

I've also changed the Final Fantasy X patches to 3F2AAAAA, because the original values were showing artifacts at the edges of the screen in certain locations, as it was not being rendered. Such as water, and doors etc, new values fix this.
updated pervious post pnach attachments to reflect the newest changes -

Also after a few hours of searching I found some promising results for ff7doc

Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII Widescreen Hack-NTSC-U
.pnach   44A5FA15.pnach (Size: 166 bytes / Downloads: 981)

Unfortunately FPS will take a hit since this game always needed massive power at standard res, and with more onscreen it needs an even more powerful pc Smile
and I'm also still not 100% set on the values I used but its the best I could find (with the amount of free time I have Sad).
GJ with DoC Smile

I'll post it's been found @ post #66 in the OP, i'll leave it here so they can read your warning about the further requirements, and if you are going to change it.

I've been trying on Arc last night, with no luck. I honestly think I've changed everything visually but the screen's width, i've made characters 4x their size, changed the pov 'camera' position, changed the foliage size, game saturation, even turned the screen upside-down lol. Hopefully I'll get a streak of luck with it later.
Keep up the great work everyone and thanks again for the tips miseru.

↓ にほんじんなかまのためのワイドスクリーン修正

44865CE1 DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA~アバタールチューナー~
E47C1A9C DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA~アバタールチューナー2~
0E762E8D 真・女神転生 III~NOCTURNE~マニアクス


Would someone please consider taking a look at DBZ BT3 as well? Unfortunately I don't have the necessary knowledge to do it myself Sad
Fatal Frame 2 - Crimson Butterfly - Widescreen Hack (16:9) (NTSC-U)
.pnach   9A51B627.pnach (Size: 127 bytes / Downloads: 1.036)

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