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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
Great work guys, I'll the post links to the OP. I've nearly got a shadow fix patch working for DDS, just needs to be fine-tuned. I'll post it later. Hyakki's on a roll lol

I'd need to have the game to get a patch going for it, and I don't have it. Maybe one of the other guys patching does.

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@hyakki Great find on Magna Carta, lol and I'm fairy sure I tried seeking 1 in it:3, probably gave up too fast couse too many adresses, I even tried array of bytes 3f ?? ?? ?? 3f to decrease the amount of adresses if that game would have both width and height changeable(which it has lol), but got like over 70k results xD. Aw damn now I'm feeling motivated to try some games I gaved up too quickly once again:]... there goes my free time:C.
By the way guys, when you find a patch, can you post what format was used to find it please, eg: like I have been doing if it's stored as H/W, or W/H float/hex etc Smile It will make it easier for us to keep track of a common method, it will also speed up searches for games running on the same engine.

Edit: Miseru, when I get quite a lot of results for a particular value, I batch change them to initially see if the address im looking for is even there before narrowing the search. Obviously you'll see the screen aspect change if you've changed it in the batch.

Scroll the the end of the searched addresses list, and click under the last address and you can drag and hold-scroll up to mark them all for copy to the bottom to manipulate. the 0.x values are the worst, they can produce 2+ million results as float, and 100k+ as array lol.
I do that too;P as described in the long post how I try, that's actually the first thing I do, but if it crashes too much doing soo(as that's not safest thing to do) then it's more of luck and I don't belive in my luck as much to try it with soo many results lol;P. If we at least had a sure way to guess what to seek it would be better, couse the Y/X pretty much fails in most games, it seemed right with FF, but looking at different games, well it just doesn't work.
Here's a list of values I've been searching for


Usually between addresses 20000000-3fffffff

My most recent success was FF12 NTSC-J with 1.333. For those who don't know, the original JP version didn't have widescreen support :/

Probably lots of people like that game... soo here it is


.pnach   5C991F4E.pnach (Size: 157 bytes / Downloads: 506)

Edit: strangely it seems to lock character movement if new game is started with it O.o, strangely couse without the patch the value isn't changed by anything and when it's applied in game controls still work, maybe it's just me, but anyway it'll require more testing, quite a pity if the game applies controls using this value somehow when map loads, couse it also works in cutscenes and even at the main menu;].
Good stuff, I managed to find it in jp ver too! Today I'll create patches for following NTSC-J:

Fatal Frame 1-3
Oneechanbara (maybe all 4 games)

Right now I'm working on Silent Hill 2 and 3 but the resolution is really weird (512*896)... I've only managed to do some really creepy things with the character models
Would love a patch for SH3, I just made a youtube video which puts Konami to shame and their 'HD release', would be awesome if I could make another with proper ratio too...but yeah first game I see that uses that nuts res..
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Monster Rancher EVO NTSC-U:

.pnach   BDFB1507.pnach (Size: 238 bytes / Downloads: 446)

(edit: lol typo in the title same in patch xD)
(03-26-2012, 09:18 PM)synce Wrote: Right now I'm working on Silent Hill 2 and 3 but the resolution is really weird (512*896)... I've only managed to do some really creepy things with the character models

Maybe this helps from the PC version (probably not but WTH Tongue)

Quote:Editing the disp.ini file to 1920x1080 and using FOV hack at 0.76 of width.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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