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Pokopom - KrossX's Pad Plugin
OnePad is not working? Please report it so it can be fixed.
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For some reason, the pokopom plugin did not show up when I downloaded and installed PCSX2 and then loaded my BIOS. This is despite the fact that PCSX2 comes with the dll "padPokopom.dll".

It only showed up in PCSX2's plugin list when I downloaded it from the link on their wiki and went for version 2.1-22.
(09-29-2016, 02:21 AM)KrossX Wrote: Alright, I'll give it a check though I have no clue what could cause the driver to freak out.

#EDIT: Wait a sec...
Are you using a single controller? If so, can you try disabling the unused controller in Pokopom? There's a checkbox in the config dialog for that.

What's up man,

So I don't really have the same issue as JT177, but you can say that pressure sensitivity is not working for me either.

So here's a rundown:
On Win10 Home 64 bit
ScpServer version 1.6 64 bit
PCSX2 version 1.4 32 bit (I think this bit is somewhat important)
pokopom (v2.0) and lilypad (v0.11) included with installation of pcsx2 v1.4
DS3 controller over USB cable

1. Run scp toolkit setting as administrator
2. Locate the pcsx2 folder
3. Hit enable lilypad patch
4. Run pcsx2: not responding (mouse becomes a blue circle when hovering over the window with no response whatsoever)
5. Disable lilypad from scp settings
6. Manually copy xinput1_3.dll from the x64 folder into the root pcsx2 folder, and copy lilypad scp file into the plugin folder in the pcsx2 dir
7. Run pcsx2: responds, but running your test elf, only the L2 and R2 buttons use real pressure, while the rest use pseudo-pressure
8. Switching to lilypad scp plugin, the ds3 native checkbox is grayed out. When I uncheck xinput, pcsx2 crashes and closes on its own. Same thing happens when I change nothing in the lilypad scp config dialog and then hit 'esc' or Cancel. Crashes and closes
9. Cry like a little girl
10. Try all the pokemons from your first post (r124, v2.1-4, v2.1-22) using 64 bit xinput1_3.dll
11. Same result as before from your ELF

In a nutshell, modified lilypad crashes and pokopom does not detect the wrapper.
So what do you think?
So i can't Save Profiles is there a Way to fix this?
@WisconsinMan: Missing runtimes probably. That pokopom dll and the PCSX2 build were compiled with different compilers.

@BungeeRooster: Pokopom doesn't need any lilypad patch to work with SCP pressure support, it just needs the XInput wrapper. The 32bit one cuz that PCSX2 build and the Pokopom dll are 32bit programs.

@AniG: There are no profiles. Never implemented the thing.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]

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