Progressive Scan/GSmode selector
Im wondering, is there any way of doing what the real PS2 with example freemcboot can do with GSM (GS mode selector)?
Its discussed here in 2012,

Any progress on this? This would mean higher then native res possible in software mode, which would be great. 
Some youtube video about it,

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It should be feasible, you need to modify the SetGsCrt SYSCALL parameters to use whatever video modes you desire.

I see two possibilities for that,
  • Direct modification of an assembly level instruction.
  • Write a sequence of instructions in an unused portion of EE memory space and then use JAL to jump to it and execute the sequence.
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What you describe is beyond my knowledge, all i know is that it have been possible on the real PS2 with homebrew for like 10 years. If i remember correctly it worked for about 90% off all games. It cant be too taxing for the hardware as a real PS2 can do it without problem performance wise.

Isnt it just easier/possible to be able to load this GSM homebrew on PCSX2 somehow?
Think it would be a huge upgrade to PCSX2 being able to play in higher resolutions in software (most accurate mode) att little or no performance impact.
What i dont understand is that this is possible on the real PS2 but not PCSX2 Tongue I mean, 720p and 1080i in games on a PS2, why didnt developers use this?
You're really contradicting what you just said, you can't have both accuracy and upscaling - you need to pick one or the other. Playing in software mode at a higher resolution isn't what accuracy is about. It's about playing the games as they originally appeared on the console. Emulation isn't just about enhancing the original experience, there needs to be a fine line between user enhancements and the preservation/original behavior, which is what software mode is intended for.

The 1080i mode was almost never used outside of Gran Turismo 4 and a few other games. Also, it wasn't actually 1080i it was a software trick, just like the PS3 did to upscale PS2 games after they removed the EE and GS from later models to reduce costs.
Ok, then how does this GSM work on the real ps2? Do games become inaccurate there aswell? cant test myself since i dont have component cables/input (having rgb scart on ps2).
Have read that internally, all ps2 games are 480p, but that the output is lower, therefore theres software you can buy that 'enables' progressive for all games. Think it was called xploder or something. Heres a link

Maybe that is something to have for pcsx2? Hardware mode isnt accurate either but some people like playing in higher res instead for accurate software.
Close but it's the opposite, most PS2 games are 480i but some have support for progressive scan (480p) either through Triangle + X or an in-game menu option. A game could output at 480i, but the resolution could be half of that to accommodate the game engine's performance.

Well we're talking about software mode aren't we? It doesn't matter what mods people have on their console, we're trying to preserve the original behavior. That why we gove two options.
(05-01-2017, 04:50 PM)Aggressor22 Wrote: Ok, then how does this GSM work on the real ps2? Do games become inaccurate there aswell?

Simple answer is Yes, it becomes inaccurate to how it was designed to be played on an unmodded PS2 console that can not do that.

Complex answer, Does it effect the graphics (besides the progressive scan part)?  Does it effect how the game runs (Framerate/frame pacing/input lag/any other anomalous behavior)?  Not sure, and honestly it probably depends on a case by case situation.

To be fair using cheat devices makes a game not accurate to how it was designed.  None of this makes things wrong, just different and some people prefer one way over the other.
Ok, then i understand. But atleast forcing games progressive in software mode shouldnt be any problem?
I read some reviews and anything beyond 480p gives trouble indeed with the Xploder atleast (assume its the same for GSM in freemcboot).
Even enabling progressive scan can have issues if the developers of the game specifically used the properties of interlacing to do certain visuals. Though to be fair most of those do not work quite right on modern displays anyways. There are multiple deinterlacing modes since there is no one perfect solution. (unless the game was made to work in progressive scan mode)
People need to remember that GS memory is 4 megabytes (yes MB, it isn't a typo). Now the math question, how many 1080i textures could you put in such a big memory? You can be cheap, if you want, you can limit the color to 16 bits instead of the standard 32 bits.

Note a 3d games need a color buffer and a depth buffer.

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